MarkKim + Chef

The Cheery Lee Village Headman

Comedy Island

Be Mine Superstar

Love Within Trails of Deceit

Escape To Homestay

The Jungle

From Chao Phraya To Irrawadee

Sweet Sensory

Law of Attraction

Wedding Plan The Series

Club Friday Love Never Dies

You Are My Universe

Low Frequency


Get Rich


Home School

Be My Favorite

The Family

Club Friday 15 Deepest Love

Letter From The Sun

House of Stars

Friend With Benefits

Rose In Da House

Love You So Much

Loneliness Society

When a snail falls in love

Step by Step

The Luminous Solutions

The Interns



CF God's Gift

My Fault

River's Edge

My Lucky Star

Royal Doctor

UMG Unidentified Mysterious Girlfriend

Mission Fan Possible

Club Friday The Signal

Eclipse Of The Heart

The Sassy Matchmaker

Unending Fire of Passion

Double Salvage

Girl with Two Souls

Chains Of Heart

Enchanting Love

Love Hurts

Behind The Revenge

The Stone of Affection

Club Friday- Is It Destiny

Love Matching

Midnight Museum

Club Friday Traditional Love


Lady Behind The Mask

You Touched My Heart

Desireble Flowers

My Beloved Lady

Our Promise

Devil in Law

Miracle of Love

Sleeping Beauty

Lady Behind The Mask

Boss & Me

Snow White

Miracle of Love

Midnight Hotel

Yakuza Lover

Our Promise

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