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Index #0-9

BKKY - Content Thailand#BKKY | Drama, Documentary

In this docufiction film, interviews with Bangkok youth are mixed in with the story of a 12th-grade student navigating relationships, school and family.
3 A.M. 3D (2012) poster3 A.M. | Horror

Thailand’s latest horror omnibus is made up of three chilling stories. Two sisters who own a wig shop. A funeral home employee falls in love. Two company directors who love playing scary pranks.
3 A.M. 3D: Part 2 (2014) poster3 A.M. 2 | Horror

The new 3D horror continues the journey into the darkest and scariest hour of the night: 3A.M.
4 Kings (2014) poster4 Kings | Comedy

When a big bet sinks a con artist and his nephew into debt, they conspire with a magician and a dancer to rip off a casino owner for a big jackpot.
4bia (Phobia) | Horror, Comedy

Four directors create short films based on unique fears involving a lonely woman, a princess’s corpse, a haunted camping trip and a cursed manuscript.
4bia 2 (Phobia 2) | Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Zombies, Fantasy

From disfiguring punishments to festering souls, Thai horror masters present five supernatural tales of karma in this sequel.
4 Kings (2021) | Action, Documentary, Maturity

After his teenage daughter is gravely injured in a school fight, a single dad reminisces about gang warfare in his days as a student during the ’90s.
15+ IQ Krachoot (2017) poster15+ IQ Krachoot | Comedy, Mature

With their teen hormones raging, three high school boys help one another explore their curiosity about the opposite sex and love in this raunchy comedy.
6ixtynin9 | Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Soon after losing her job, a young, beautiful Thai woman named Tum finds a noodle box stuffed full of money on her doorstep and decides to keep the loot… but not without dire consequences.

Index A

A Gift | Comedy, Romance

Featuring musical compositions of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, three love stories tackle unique challenges on romantic, soul-searching journeys.
An Ordinary Love Story | Comedy, Romance

A newly engaged couple enlists their friends to help them organize their wedding but with all of them in various romantic situations, chaos ensues.
Alone | Horror

When Pim and Ploy, twins conjoined at the stomach, are separated, the operation leaves Pim the surviving sister, haunted by Ploy’s vengeful ghost.
ATM | Adventure, Comedy, Romance

When a broken ATM dishes out a fortune, a couple who works at the bank vies to see who can recover the most cash — and the loser must find a new job.

Index B

B.K.O Bangkok Knockout | Action

When a mutual friend is kidnapped, highly trained members of an exclusive fight club pool their talents to bring the attackers to justice.
Back to the 90s | Comedy, Romance, Family, Fantasy

When a teenager is transported back to his parents’ high school days, he has the chance to alter the events that led to their unhappy marriage.
Bad Genius | Suspense, Thriller, Crime, School, Drama

A top student gets pulled into a cheating racket with increasingly higher risks and even higher rewards. But she may lose much more than she gains.
Bang Rajan (2000) posterBang Rajan | Action, Drama, Historical, War

The Burmese army is seeking to invade Ayutthaya, the capital of Siam. Seeking to block the invasion is a small band of villagers in Bang Rajan.
Bang Rajan 2 | Action, Military, Adventure, War

A small but fierce group of resistance fighters engages in a brutal battle to protect their village from an army of Burmese invaders.
Bangkok Dark Tales | Horror

This frightening collection tells three tales of terror, set in a sinister office, a disturbing movie theater and, of course, a haunted house.

Bangkok Hell | Action, Crime, Drama

When offered a deal to snitch on fellow prisoners, an inmate faces a tough dilemma: act in his own interest, or help those who may need him.
Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story | Comedy, Romance

After an encounter with an engineer working the night shift for the city train, a 30-year-old woman struggles against all odds to pursue true love.
Behind The Painting (2001) posterBehind The Painting | Drama, Melodrama, Romance

He swore eternal love to her, yet she cautions him against it because she is much older than he is.
Best of Times | Animals, Romance

When friendship deepens into what veterinarian Keng hopes could become love, he learns that beautiful Fai still harbors feelings for her ex-husband — who also happens to be Keng’s best friend.
Bikeman | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance

Pretending to be a banker to his family, a nimble, motorcycle taxi driver struggles to maintain his charade when he runs into his childhood crush.
Bikeman 2 | Comedy, Family

When her father demands to meet her boyfriend and his family, Jai asks Sakkarin to be her fake significant other, not knowing his true feelings.
Body | Mystery, Horror, Drama

Troubled by recurring dreams about the ghost of a murdered woman, an engineering student connects his visions to a disturbing missing person case.
Broken Sword Hero | Action, Historical, Martial Arts

After losing a boxing match, a talented Muay Thai fighter leaves home to train with the best. On his quest, he finds friends, foes and lots of action.
Brother of the Year | Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family

A spoiled bachelor with an inferiority complex enjoys making his straight-edged sister’s life miserable until her new suitor alters the relationship.
Buppah Arigato | Comedy, Horror

In the dead of winter, a musician rents a home for a music video but finds it occupied by a scorned soul who thinks he looks hauntingly familiar.
Butterfly and Flowers | Drama

To provide for his family, a young boy in Southern Thailand drops out of school and begins smuggling rice across the Malaysian border.

Index C

Cat A Wabb (2015) posterCat a Wabb | Comedy, Drama, Romance

An assistant commercial director gets a big break when he has a chance to direct a commercial with a cat. But when a student trainee loses the cat, everything falls apart very quickly.
Chiang Khan Story | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Two childhood friends who bonded at their town’s cinema reunite as adults when their big-screen passions bring them together on the same movie set.
Chiangmai Gangsters | Action, Crime, Drama

After a gang member kills his mother, a teen in Chiang Mai joins a rival group in order to exact revenge.
Chocolate | Action, Suspense, Friendship, Martial Arts, Family

Young autistic Zen, who lives with her terminally ill mother, has picked up an array of deadly fighting skills from martial arts movies.
Classic Again | Drama, Romance

In a love triangle that miraculously mirrors her mother’s romance years ago, a young woman lets her heart lead. A remake of a 2003 South Korean drama.
Coming Soon (2008) posterComing Soon | Horror

This movie will scare you from the second you step inside the movie theatre. It will get you wondering if Something or Someone might be waiting for you to let your guard down.
Countdown (2012) posterCountdown | Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Youth

They called Jesus, a drug dealer, to drop off some stuff at their apartment so they can celebrate the end of the year. Little did they know that night will change their lives forever.
Crazy Crying Lady | Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Family

A woman living with an unusual condition that causes her to tear up constantly tries to navigate love and a household that takes her for granted.
A Little Thing Called Love (2010) — The Movie Database (TMDB)Crazy Little Thing Called Love | Comedy, Romance, School, Youth

Keen to win the affections of her popular crush, an ordinary high school student undergoes a physical makeover to make him notice her.

Index D

Dangerous Boys | Action, Friendship, Drama

A high school gang leader clashes with his longtime rival and must navigate his pride, a broken home, feelings for a girl and a shot at rock band glory.
Dear Dakanda | Friendship, Romance, Drama

Recovering from an accident, an artist is torn between the nurse who is helping him recover and a college friend for whom he secretly longs.
Dear Galileo | Comedy, Drama, Friendship

College friends whose lives are at a crossroads decide to spend a year in Europe, working in Thai restaurants, and trying not to get deported.
Dew | Romantic, LGBTQ, Drama

When a teacher returns to work at his old high school, he meets a student who might be mystically linked to a forbidden relationship he had as a teen.
Die Tomorrow | Life, Drama

Diverse life stories meet the universal fate of one’s last day on earth in this stirring feature that blends documentary and art film styles.
Dorm | Horror, Drama

Terrified by tales about the ghosts that haunt his school, a bullied 12-year-old is utterly miserable — until he befriends a mysterious fellow pupil.
Driver | Thriller, Romance, Drama

Searching for her husband, a wealthy wife enlists the help of their driver for an investigation that takes them down a twisty road of steamy secrets.

Index E, F & G

Eat Play Laugh | Comedy

A chef forms a flavorful friendship with his customers, a group of foodies from diverse backgrounds who praise his popular Thai omelet.
E-San Love Story | Music, Comedy, Romance

A country boy awaits the return of his girlfriend, but she comes back with a new fiancé. Another woman might seize the chance to win him over.
Fabulous 30 | Friendship, Comedy, Romance

A 30-something woman’s seemingly perfect life shifts when her boyfriend ends their relationship and a younger man begins to pursue her.
Fah Mee Ta: Kon Diew…Tee Kid Teung (2020) posterFah Mee Ta: Kon Diew…Tee Kid Teung | Romance

It’s difficult being secretly in love with someone who has a girlfriend already. Or so she thinks.
Fah Mee Ta: Sugar Daddy Rak Krung Nee…Kong Pe Gup Nong (2020) posterFah Mee Ta: Sugar Daddy Rak Krung Nee…Kong Pe Gup Nong | Romance

Unbenownst, the sugar daddy that has been supporting her was her new found brother-like friend, Ton.
Fast 888 | Action, Friendship, Comedy

When his brakes fail, a bus driver embarks on a chaotic journey to keep his eccentric group of passengers safe.
Fathers | Romance, Drama, Family, LGBT

A gay couple faces personal challenges and society’s expectations when their adopted son starts grade school and notices his family’s unique dynamic.
FB: Fighting Beat (2007) posterFighting Beat | Action, Martial Arts

A group of young Muay Thai experts led by David are forced to use their deadly training to protect themselves when the local extortionist threatens to kill their mentors daughter if he doesn’t give up his bar.
First Love | Comedy, Romantic

To win the heart of an aspiring dancer, an infatuated student with no training studies to become her partner for an upcoming ballroom competition.
Friend Zone (2019) - IMDbFriend Zone | Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Youth

Two best friends who wind up in the friend zone navigate a series of failed relationships through the years — until sparks finally fly.
Mekhong Full Moon Party (2002) posterFull Moon Party | Comedy, Drama

A university student with a secret returns home for a festival celebrating an annual shower of fireballs with origins that are fiercely debated.
Game Changer (2021) posterGame Changer | Action, Crime, Thriller, Sexual Content, Death, Nudity, Gun Violence, Drug Usage

Boss collects dirty money from every gang, manages it for everyone’s interest, and finds a balance between law and lawlessness.
Ghost Is All Around | Horror, Comedy

As the new year unfolds around them, three complete strangers experience a series of ghostly encounters.
Ghost Lab (2021) posterGhost Lab | Thriller, Horror, Drama, Sci-Fi

After witnessing a haunting in their hospital, two doctors become dangerously obsessed with obtaining scientific proof that ghosts exist.
Ghost Wife | Horror

After being separated from the boy she loves, a pregnant teen girl dies only for her vengeful spirit to return and haunt her old home.
Grace | Thriller, School, Youth, Drama, Mature

Jealous over an internet idol who rises to viral fame, a faded star and her obsessed fan hatch a devious plan that yields unexpected results.
Gravity of Love | Friendship, Romance

Fah doesn’t believe in destiny. But when two amazing men fall in love with her, she’s faced with a decision that could change everything.

Index H

Handle Me with Care | Romance, Drama

A young man born with an extra arm longs to find love, so he journeys to a metropolitan hospital where he hopes to have his extra appendage amputated.
Happy New Year Happy New You (2019) poster
Happy New Year Happy New You | Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Before ringing in the new year, a man heads to Bangkok for a job opportunity but chaos ensues when his girlfriend and her brother decide to take a trip.
Happy Old Year (2019) posterHappy Old Year | Romance, Life, Drama, Family

A love story for those who want to move on but find it hard to let go.
Hashima Project | Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural

After making a viral video, a group of film-school grads scores a deal to shoot a horror show on an island haunted by ghosts and a jilted lover’s curse.
Haunted School | Horror, Comedy

When a group of students cuts class to tell old ghost stories about their school, the chilling characters in the legends come alive to haunt them.
Haunted Tales (2021) posterHaunted Tales | Horror

A lonely cab ride home. A hotel filled with malevolent spirits. Fear lurks around every corner in this anthology of ghost stories.
Heart Attack | Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama

When a workaholic freelancer pushes himself too hard, he develops a heart condition and loses his desire to work. Is his beautiful doctor the reason?
Heartbeats | Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Reeling from loss, a man travels to a guesthouse, where a young attendant with a heart condition takes him on a journey beyond his comfort zone.
Hello Stranger | Comedy, Romance

Two strangers in Seoul agree to explore Korea together using false names in hopes that they can open up to each other without getting too close.
Homestay | Thriller, Mystery, Psychological, School, Drama, Fantasy

When a spirit inhabits the body of a teen named Min, he begins to settle into his life until he’s forced to find out who caused Min’s mysterious death.
Hong Hoon | Mystery, Horror

Tragic losses and wax figures lead a pair of strangers to investigate a mannequin mystery together before coming face-to-face with the dead.
Hormones | Romance, Youth

Students pursue love affairs — some destined to be and some doomed — during a break from school in this ensemble romance.
How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) | Life, Youth, Drama, Family

An 11-year-old boy steals money for bribes to remove his gay older brother from Thai military conscription rolls, unaware of the ramifications.

Index I & J

I Fine… Thank You… Love You | Comedy, Romance, Drama

Desperate to go to the U.S. to win back his girlfriend, Yim hires a tutor to teach him English. But things don’t go according to plan.
I Love You Two | Action, Comedy, Romance

A bachelorette praying to find a decent man meets two reformed crooks trying to go straight and decides to marry both of them.
I Miss U | Horror, Romance, Medical

A new doctor becomes enamored with a veteran physician and learns about his late fiancée, who haunts more than just his thoughts.
In the Shadow of Naga (2008) posterIn the Shadow of Naga | Thriller, Drama

Three criminals disguise themselves as Buddhist monks in order to recover a treasure buried underneath a temple.
Inhuman Kiss | Thriller, Horror, Drama, Supernatural

A teenage girl is caught between the affections of two childhood friends while battling the bloodthirsty demon inside of her that manifests at night.
Jan Dara: The Beginning (2012) posterJan Dara The Beginning | Drama, Mature

Based on a famous Thai erotic novel, the film tells the story of Jan, a boy who grows up in a house lorded over by his sadistic and debauched father, Luang Wisnan.
Jan Dara: Final Capture (2013) posterJan Dara The Finale | Action, Drama, Mature

Jan Dara becomes an adult and comes back to Vissanun house. After he leaves to investigate who is his real father, he wants revenge and to usurp the power of Luang Vissanun-decha in order to restore everything.
Joking Jazz 4G (2016) posterJoking Jazz 4G | Comedy

A tattooed bad boy-turned-newly ordained monk is forced to use tactics from his checkered past on an unexpected Buddhist mission in Bangkok.
Joking Jazz 5G (2018) posterJoking Jazz 5G | Comedy

Sequel to Joking Jazz 4G

Index K

Keep Running. Zombie Soldier! (2015) posterKeep Running. Sir, Yes Sir! | Horror, Comedy

When a dead, prestigious soldier returns to a military base as a bloodthirsty zombie, rival groups of trainees come together on a wacky journey of survival.
Khun Phan (2016) posterKhun Pan | Action, Thriller, Historical, Investigation

In the southern province of Chumporn in 1939, Khun Pan is a police detective who has defeated a gang of bandits despite having just one bullet in his pistol.
Khun Phan 2 (2018) posterKhun Pan 2 | Action, Historical, Fantasy

Bandits who wielded the power of sorcery built their own kingdoms.
Khun Phaen Begins | Action, Adventure, Historical, Fantasy

Enlisting in the army during a time of war, a young vagabond fights to protect the kingdom and win his crush’s heart while an enemy is on the loose.
Kon Khon | Romance, Drama

Inspired by Khon dance drama and Thai martial arts, a fighter scarred by the past joins forces with a determined cop to battle an organized crime ring.
Kung Fu Tootsie (2007) posterKung Fu Tootsie | Action, Comedy, Crime

Kung Fu Tootsie is set in Hong Kong, the story of Tien and Tao, twins separated at birth.

Index L

Laddaland | Horror, Supernatural

When a family moves into an upscale housing development, they encounter a series of paranormal events that drive them to the edge of insanity.
Last Summer (2013) posterLast Summer | Mystery, Horror

Her spirit haunts friends and family members who are guilty in their own ways for the girl’s death.
Latitude 6 (2015) posterLatitude 6 | School, Youth, Drama, Family

The story of Thai Buddhists and Muslims. They learn to live together harmoniously and love each while blending in.
London Sweeties | Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Youth

Love finds a group of foreigners in London as they try their best to overcome language barriers to communicate their feelings.
Khun Bun Lue (2018) posterLord Bunlue | Historical, Comedy

With distinct boundaries between social classes in the Siamese kingdom, a progressive officer lands in hilarious hijinks when he falls for a servant.
Love and Run (2019) posterLove and Run | Comedy, Romance, Family

He is always overprotective of his auntie. If anyone dares to flirt with Lin, he will chase them away, causing trouble for her auntie who dreams of having a good boyfriend.
Love H2O (2015) posterLove H2O | Romance, Drama

She embarks on a journey to get the notorious playboy Ohm to come on a reality TV show. Things get interesting when she invites her long time friend Doc, Ohm and her new love interest Joe to be her date to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.
Love in the Rain (2013) posterLove in the Rain | Comedy, Romance

Falling rain always light up some emotion in people. Some feels lonely, some feels excited, some feels that it’s normal for rain to fall. A romantic comedy that cycles around lives of people who are touched by rain.
Love Love You (2015) posterLove Love You | Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Youth, Drama, LGBT

Gump and Nai’s love is tested when Gump must move in with an attractive new student, while Nai gets a surprise visitor from his past.
Love Next Door 2 (2015) posterLove Next Door 2 | Comedy, Romance, Mature, LGBTQ

The story begins again when Khao (Angkul Jeennukul) decides not to have sex for 30 days according to a fortune teller’s advice but Nut, his coworker, asks to stay with him for a while.
Love You 100K (2015) posterLove You 100K | Comedy, Romance

To marry the affluent girl he loves, a country boy heads to Bangkok in search of wealth to appease her parents in this adaption of the ‘70s romcom.
Love U Kohk-E-Kueng (2020) posterLove You Kohk E-Kueng | Comedy, Romance

Pol returns to his hometown only to find out that Mam, the girl who he secretly loves, is being courted by a drunken foreigner, Bug Johnny. Pol tries to ruin the wedding.
Low Season | Horror, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

When her ability to see ghosts ruins her love life, a heartbroken woman seeks solace at a mountain resort, encountering several fellow lonely singletons.
Lucky LoserLucky Loser | Comedy, Sport

Pong is among the greatest football players Thailand has produced and he’s a star in the English Premier Organization. But when there’s an opening for coach of the Thailand nationwide group, Pong returns in hopes he’ll be called for the work

Index M

M.A.I.D (2004) posterM.A.I.D | Comedy

A light-hearted Thai action comedy about a band of female super-spies who carry no guns nor whips, for their weapons are brooms, mops and buckets of dirty water.
Mae Bia (2015) posterMae Bia | Horror, Romance, Drama, Mature

Chanachol is married, with family, and Mekhala has a mysterious, symbiotic relationship with a deadly cobra, and many of her previous suitors have mysteriously ended up dead.
Make Me Shudder (2013) posterMake Me Shudder | Horror, Comedy

Without thinking twice, the group decides to explore the place and challenge the supernatural beings there to “make them shudder”, which leads to a chain of unforgettable and horrifying events.
Make Me Shudder 2 (2014) posterMake Me Shudder 2 | Adventure, Horror, Comedy

They found themselves in Mae Nak’s realm. The student gang decided to seek for any clue that would bring them back to their home.
Make Me Shudder 3 (2015) posterMake Me Shudder 3 | Horror, Comedy

A gruesome sight greets them as they open their eyes; the hotel is filled with wrapped dead bodies. They crawl through the dead bodies hoping to escape from the hotel.
Malila: The Farewell Flower (2017) posterMalila The Farewell Flower | Romance, Drama, LGBTQ

Former lovers Shane and Pich reunite and try to heal the wounds of their past. Shane is haunted by the tragic death of his daughter, while Pich suffers a grave illness
May Who? | Comedy, Romance, School, Sports

As May’s heart rate rises, she emits electricity. When she falls for the school heartthrob, she enlists the help of Pong, who has a crush of his own.
Manta Ray (2018) posterManta Ray | Drama

When the fisherman suddenly disappears at sea, Thongchai slowly begins to take over his friend’s life – his house, his job and his ex-wife.
Metrosexual | Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Drama

When she announces she’s marrying a man they find a little too fashion-conscious and hip, a woman’s friends suspect that her fiancé is gay.
The Microchip (2011) posterMicrochip | Action, Comedy

A group of friends have misplaced an important microchip that apparently holds top-secret information. They set off on a quest to find it.
Midnight University | Suspense, Horror, Comedy

Failing grades force six students to enroll in night classes at a haunted university, where they must study even as ghostly spirits roam the halls.
Miss Happy | Friendship, Comedy

When an outrageously joyous woman becomes diagnosed with a fatal condition, a YouTube video convinces her dancing once a day can save her life.
Transistor Love Story (2001) posterMon-Rak Transistor | Action, Comedy, Family

An aspiring singer leaves his pregnant bride a radio for company when he is drafted into the army; unfit for military life, the man goes AWOL and joins a pop music troupe but soon after his wife tracks him down his life spirals out of control.
Mother Gamer | Action, Comedy, Family

Worried that her son may abandon his education for an esports career, a teacher forms a ragtag team of gamers to battle his club at a major tournament.
Mr. Hurt (2017) posterMr. Hurt | Comedy, Romance

A perfect world champion tennis pro “Don Sri-Chang” was left heartbroken after his girlfriend turned his marriage proposal down to date with a rock star.
My Boss Is a Serial Killer (2021) posterMy Boss Is A Serial Killer | Comedy, Thriller

A group of office staff learn a secret of their big boss revealing that he was a serial killer who made a clean getaway.
My Girl | Friendship, Comedy, Life

When Jeab learns that his childhood chum Noi-Naa is getting married, he reflects on their friendship together in 1980s Thailand.
Oh My God Father (2020) posterMy God Father | Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Prem was the leader of a group of three young men who did not get along with Got, but then both became friends. And, Biw, who has two different personalities.
My True Friend | Action, Friendship, School, Youth, Drama

A bullied student forms a bond with the leader of a youth gang and discovers the power and meaning of true friendship.

Index I

Nakee 2 (2018) - Changes — The Movie Database (TMDB)Nakee 2 | Romance, Fantasy

After an ancient, bloodthirsty goddess is reawakened, a skeptical detective and faithful medium work together to investigate the supernatural crimes.
Namo Ok | Comedy

After a lightning strike robs him of his memory, a mysterious stranger takes shelter in a small-town temple and embraces Buddhist ways.
Nang Nak | Horror, Romance, Drama

In this adaptation of a Thai folk tale, a man returns from war to his family, unaware of a sad secret about what happened to them while he was away.
Necromancer 2020 | Action, Horror, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural

After surviving an attack by dark magic, Win sets out to avenge his loved ones’ deaths and becomes entangled in sorcery and a sinister cult.
Nemesis | Action, Thriller

After a tragic loss, Manop sets out to exact revenge in the criminal underworld — under the influence of his ruthless, vigilante alter ego.
Net I Die | Thriller, Horror

A year after a social media influencer livestreams her suicide, several girls tagged in her video begin to die one by one in this haunting revenge tale.

Index O

O.T. Phi Overtime | Suspense, Horror, Comedy

A group of bosses who pull spooky pranks on the staff working overtime at a haunted hotel must rescue the company — until the ghosts start checking in.
October Sonata | Historical, Romance, Drama, Tragedy

During a time of civil unrest, a factory worker endures a star-crossed romance as she tries to rendezvous with the activist she loves once every year.
Oh My Ghost | Horror, Comedy, LGBTQ

A group of friends encounters a folk spirit in their apartment, and their harebrained attempts to banish the ghost soon backfire.
Oh My Ghost 2 | Horror, Comedy, LGBTQ

The spirited trio are back to take on a new ghost-busting adventure at a mens’ residence, where spooky secrets lurk around every corner.
Oh My Ghost 3 | Horror, Comedy, LGBTQ

After a body is discovered in their building, a vengeful, paranormal presence begins to affect Taew, Mod Dum and Cartoon’s business.
Oh My Ghost 4 | Horror, Comedy, LGBTQ

Ghosts wreak havoc at the old school, and a student communicates with the spirit while the team reckons with a power struggle.
Once Upon A Time | Drama

Three young siblings run away to search for their father in Chiang Mai, where they become tangled up in a dangerous and terrible criminal underworld.
One Day | Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama

When his colleague (and crush) temporarily loses her memory, an overlooked geek seizes the chance to make an impression before she remembers again.
One For the Road | Maturity 16+

A bar owner reunites with his best friend in Thailand to embark on a final road trip after discovering one of them has a terminal illness.
Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior - Rotten TomatoesOng Bak The Thai Warrior | Action, Thriller, Martial Arts

When a sacred statuette is stolen from a Thai village, a young kick-boxer follows the trail of clues to Bangkok to reclaim the pilfered treasure.
Ong Bak 2 The Beginning | Action, Thriller, Historical, Martial Arts

Tien, the son of Lord Sihadecho — a murdered nobleman — is taken under the wing of Chernang, a renowned warrior and leader of the Pha Beek Krut.
Ong Bak 3 | Action, Thriller, Martial Arts

In this supernatural sequel, a warrior whose fate is marked by the tragic murder of his father marks a new chapter in his quest for revenge.
Oversize Cops | Action, Comedy, Detective, Investigation

While investigating a bank robbery, a squad of overweight police officers undergoes rigorous training to shed pounds.

Index P & R

P (2006) - MyDramaListP | Horror, Drama, Mature

An orphan girl taught magic by her sick grandma must find work in seedy Bangkok, where unsavory characters run afoul of her increasingly dark powers.
Pantai Norasingha (2015) - IMDbPantai Norasingha | Historical, Romance, Drama

After a king promotes a commoner to helm his royal barge, a maritime accident will test the law and challenge the limits of their unique friendship.
Pattaya Maniac | Comedy, Romance, Crime

A peddler of Buddhist amulets runs afoul of a powerful gangster by trying to buy the freedom of a woman he loves, with comically complicated results.
Pee Mak | Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Mak’s friends just want to protect him, but his wife Nak won’t let a small thing like her own death get in the way of true love in this horror-comedy.
Pee Nak | Horror, Comedy

An unlikely trio visits a remote temple to become ordained. But they’ll have to face a wrathful spirit if they want to become monks — or survive.
Pee Nak 2 | Horror, Comedy

First and Balloon leave the temple for a secular life, but soon return when a new spirit begins to terrorize them.
Please (Her) | Romance, Drama

Three close friends and classmates secretly fall in love with the same woman — but she can only choose one of them to love in return.
Present Perfect Continuous Tense (2013) - IMDbPresent Perfect Continuous Tense | Romance, Drama

With a 20-year age difference between them, a widow enters a romantic relationship with a college student as time soon gives way to conflicts.
Karma (2015) posterPret Arbut | Horror, Drama

Sun is a 19-year-old boy who is forced to ordain without his consent. His father believes being in monkhood will fix his reckless behaviours.
Mid Mile Racing Love (2011) - IMDbRacing Love | Comedy

After an awkward encounter with the woman of his dreams, a small-time driver takes a shot at becoming a supercar racer to win her over.
Red Wine in the Dark Night | Thriller, Vampire, Romance, Youth, Drama, Supernatural, LGBTQ

After a painful breakup with his boyfriend, a young man forms a bond with a mysterious, amnesiac stranger.
Reside | Horror

Trapped in a mountaintop home, a cult conducts a dangerous ritual, summoning a group of sinister spirits bent on possessing every person’s body.
อีเรียมซิ่ง (2020) E Riam Sing | อีเรียมซิ่ง (2020) E Riam S… | FlickrRiam Fighting Angel | Comedy

When bandits kidnap her mother and sister, Riam enlists the help of her misfit friends in a wild rescue mission.

Index S

Samui Song | Suspense, Crime, Drama

A soap opera actress meets a stranger who offers a way to escape from her wealthy — but abusive — husband and the cult he’s forced her to join.
Saranae Siblor | Adventure, Comedy, Family

A father with certain suspicions about his son sends him on a wacky road trip in attempts to show him his idea of manly.
School Tales (2017) posterSchool Tales | Mystery, Horror, Supernatural

They have to spend the night at the school as part of an annual camp, and a gang of mischievous students decide to tempt fate by “testing” if some of their school’s ghostly tales are for real.
Seasons change: Phror arkad plian plang boi (2006) - IMDbSeasons Change | Music, Comedy, Romance

In pursuit of a crush, an aspiring rock drummer enrolls in music school. But playing in the orchestra — and earning her love — isn’t so simple.
See How They Run | Horror, Comedy

In 1982, the lives of the citizens in a peaceful village are disrupted by the antics of a playful ghost boy longing for his father’s attention.
Senior | Mystery, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Mature

A girl in boarding school who can smell the presence of ghosts joins the spirit of a dead student to investigate the decades-old murder of a princess.
Seven Something | Comedy, Romance

Three modern love stories focus on how digital privacy, fleeting fame and the power of personal reinvention can change one’s romantic destiny.
Shutter | Thriller, Mystery, Horror

After killing a young girl in a hit-and-run accident, a couple is haunted by more than just the memory of their deadly choice.
Siam Square | Suspense, Horror, Drama

A group of skeptical students try to capture evidence of a malevolent ghost on film but soon realize that they’re the ones being watched.
Sin Sisters 2 (2010) - IMDbSin Sisters 2 | Comedy, Mature

Held hostage by an unseen captor, five women must reveal their worst carnal crimes for the chance at freedom from devilish imprisonment.
Single Lady (2015) - IMDbSingle Lady | Comedy, Romance

When a thriving career woman is convinced a past breakup is keeping her from finding love, she embarks on a trip to make amends with her former flames.
Sisters | Action, Thriller, Drama, Fantasy

When a young girl’s family curse kicks in, her older sister seeks to safeguard her from the malicious spirits that killed their mother.
Cómo ver Slam Boy Superstar-to-be (2017) en streaming – The StreamableSlam Boy Superstar-to-be | Comedy

In need of money, a broke barista decides to form his own band and compete for the large cash prize at a national music contest.
Som Pla Noi (2021) - Full Cast & Crew - MyDramaListSom Pla Noi | Comedy, Romance | Sequel to E-San Love Story

In this comedy, a papaya salad seller finds herself caught in a love triangle with two men and consults a monk to help her decide between them.
Sompoy (2021) - IMDbSompoy | Comedy, Romance

A woman from rural Northern Thailand falls in love with a suava Bangkok boy and must do everything she can to impress him.
Soot Rak Sap E-Lee - ShareRice Wiki (AFN)Soot Rak Sap E-Lee | Comedy, Romance

Destiny brought her to meet with Kirin, who offered her his step-father’s special pickled fish sauce and planned to transform her small vendor to be the top restaurant.
Still (2010) — The Movie Database (TMDB)Still | Suspense, Thriller, Horror

A haunted hotel, a body in a water tank, a nightclub fire and a prison death comprise four horror tales taken from Thailand’s newspaper headlines.
Suckseed (2011) - MyDramaListSuckseed | Friendship, Music, Comedy, Romance, School, Youth

When his boyhood crush Ern returns, Ped forms a band with his friend to impress her. Romantic rivalries bloom after the talented Ern joins the group.
Suddenly Twenty (20 ใหม่ ยูเทิร์นวัย หัวใจรีเทิร์น) Movie Review -  Tiffanyyong.comSuddenly Twenty | Music, Comedy, Romance

After taking a magical picture, an elderly woman is transformed into a 20-year-old and decides to live the life she’d always dreamed of.
Sunset at Chaophraya (2013) disponible en Netflix? - NetflixReleasesSunset at Chaophraya | Romance, Drama

In World War II, a Japanese soldier falls for a Siamese woman supporting the resistance and committed to another man.
Sweet BoySweet Boy | Romance, Drama, Mature

Lonely and living with his hardworking single mom, a studious teen begins to grasp the ideas of sex and his sexuality until a stranger makes a move.

Index T Take Me Home : Mario Maurer, Noppachai Jayanama, Wannarote  Sonthichai, Kome Kongkiat Komesiri, Kongkiat Khomsiri, Kanyarat  Jiraratchakit, Piyaluck Mahatanasab: Películas y TVTake Me Home | Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Horror

When a man with amnesia returns to his family home, he uncovers the dark and twisted secrets tied to his roots tucked away in the cursed mansion.
Tee Shot: Ariya Jutanugarn (TV Movie 2019) - IMDbTee Shot Ariya Jutanugarn | Sports

This biopic follows pro golfer Ariya Jutanugarn’s journey to the LPGA tour, from child prodigy to her number-one ranking in the world.
Tears of the Black Tiger (2000) - FilmaffinityTears Of The Black Tiger | Action, Comedy, Romance

Star-crossed lovers Dum and Rumpoey fight to be together as the world conspires to keep them apart in Thai director Wisit Sasanatieng’s genre bender.
Thailand Only (2017) - IMDbThailand Only | Friendship, Comedy

Three misfits start a makeshift travel agency and take on a group of demanding Chinese tourists — but they bite off more than they can chew.
The Bedside Detective (2007) - Release Dates — The Movie Database (TMDB)The Bedside Detective | Comedy, Romance, Detective

An apprentice private detective is hired to gather evidence of a wealthy man’s infidelity but falls in love with his target’s adorable girlfriend.
The Billionaire | Business, Life, Drama, Family

Inspired by a true story, this uplifting drama focuses on a young Thai entrepreneur’s incredible business success, despite obstacles and self-doubt.
The Bodyguard 2 (2007) - IMDbThe Bodyguard 2 | Action, Comedy

Tasked with investigating covert weapons dealings while masquerading as a pop singer, a Secret Service agent becomes the country’s biggest music star.
Cómo ver The Citizen (1977) en streaming – The StreamableThe Citizen | Drama

A farmer moves to Bangkok and becomes a taxi driver to give his son a better life, but his dreams are shattered after a violent gang steals his cab.
Triple Threat (2019) - Posters — The Movie Database (TMDB)Triple Threat | Action, Thriller

When a billionaire’s daughter intent on bringing down a major crime syndicate is targeted by a group of professional assassins, a team of mercenaries must stop them before they kill her.
The Con-Heartist (2020) Thai movie posterThe Con-Heartist | Comedy, Movie, Romance

After her ex-boyfriend cons her out of a large sum of money, a former bank employee tricks a scam artist into helping her swindle him in retaliation.
The Couple (2014) - IMDbThe Couple | Horror

When a new bride finds the body of her sister-in-law, the cryptic cause of death confounds her husband while it possesses her — literally.
The Eyes Diary - Thai Movie - AsianWikiThe Eyes Diary | Horror, Romance

After his girlfriend dies in a motorcycle accident, a young man’s grief takes him to dark, paranormal places as he tries to contact her spirit.
The Holy Man (2005) - IMDbThe Holy Man | Comedy

Formerly a troubled youth, a monk is given charge of a Buddhist temple neglected by superstitious villagers under the spell of a fake psychic.
The Holy Man 2 (2008) - IMDbThe Holy Man 2 | Comedy

Former rap musician Joey Boy is now a monk who takes Father Teng’s place at his rural temple, where a crisis develops involving a nearby stone quarry.
Is 'Holy Man 3' (aka 'Luang phii theng III') on Netflix? Where to Watch the  Movie - New On Netflix USAThe Holy Man 3 | Comedy

Now Noi is a young, self-confident, and stubborn monk who has to deal with many hilarious situations with his new companions. It seems like Noi can’t really escape from his confusing rock star world after all.
The Iron Ladies (2000) — The Movie Database (TMDB)The Iron Ladies | Comedy, Drama, Sports

A volleyball team made up of gay and transgender players surprise their competitors by winning their way to Thailand’s national championships.
Satree lek 2 (2003) - IMDbThe Iron Ladies 2 | Comedy, Drama, Sports

The Iron Ladies are now Thailand’s national volleyball champions but dissension soon splits up the team, pitting ex-friends against each other.
Iron Ladies Roar! (2014) posterThe Iron Ladies Roar! | Friendship, Comedy, Sports

The members are now in their forties and are watching an exciting international volleyball match between Thailand and Japan. The ladies cannot bear to compare it with their Iron Ladies playing style.
The Last Heroes (2018) — The Movie Database (TMDB)The Last Heroes | Historical, Comedy, LGBTQ

With enemy attacks looming, a group of villagers begins training for war to defend their homeland — but becoming warriors brings humor and hardship.
รัก/สาม/เศร้า - วิกิพีเดียThe Last Moment | Friendship, Romance, Youth, Drama

A story of triangulated love between three college friends who find their friendship rocked by the prospect of romance
Cómo ver The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra (2018) en streaming – The  StreamableThe Legend of Muay Thai 9 Satra | Animation

Trained for destiny, a muay thai prodigy must deliver a sacred weapon to his prince to free their kingdom from the rule of a monstrous clan.
The Little Comedian (2010) — The Movie Database (TMDB)The Little Comedian | Comedy, Romance, Family

A teen boy struggles to earn respect from his family of comedians because he isn’t funny.
Mue Prab Samphawesi (2017) - IMDbThe Lost Case | Horror

Bizarre events follow two rookies working on a paranormal TV show as they shoot an episode and learn the story of a young girl who took her own life
The Love of Siam (2007) posterThe Love of Siam | Music, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama, Family

A young man spots his dead sister’s look-alike and hires her to impersonate his sibling.
The Maid (2020 film) - WikipediaThe Maid | Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Psychological

In a haunted mansion, a new maid with a vendetta uncovers her employers’ secrets and encounters supernatural inhabitants.
The Medium - Película 2021 - SensaCine.comThe Medium | Thriller, Horror, Supernatural

A horrifying story of a shaman’s inheritance in the Isan region of Thailand. But the goddess that appears to have taken possession of a family member turns out not to be as benevolent as it first appears.
The Melody (2012) - IMDbThe Melody | Romance, Drama

With his career at a standstill, a famous musician escapes to the countryside and meets a talented young pianist who revives his artistic passion.
The Moment (2017) - MyDramaListThe Moment | Romance, Life, Drama

In three separate romantic stories set in Seoul, London and New York, couples from different walks of life grapple with matters of the heart.
The Outrage (2011) - IMDbThe Outrage | Historical, Mystery, Drama

A 16th-century monk hears three competing perspectives on the crime behind a sensational murder trial and tries to discern which is the true story.
The Pool (2018) - IMDbThe Pool | Action, Thriller, Horror

Left alone to clean up a 6-meter-deep deserted pool, Day falls asleep on an inflatable raft. When he wakes, the water level has sunk so low that he can’t climb out on his own. Stuck in the pool, Day screams for help, but the only thing that hears him is a creature from a nearby crocodile farm.
The Promise (2017) - FilmaffinityThe Promise | Thriller, Horror, Drama, Supernatural

In the wake of the 1997 financial crisis, two teens whose families face bankruptcy make a suicide pact — but one of them breaks the promise.
The Protector - Rotten TomatoesThe Protector | Action, Crime, Drama, Martial Arts

Tony Jaa stars as a young Thai fighter who sets off for Australia to reclaim his family’s prized pachyderms in this frenetic martial-arts actioner.
The Protector 2 | Lanzan su primer tráiler y cartelesThe Protector 2 | Action, Crime, Drama, Martial Arts

In this action-packed sequel, martial artist Kham wages new battles with animal poachers, who plan to use his elephant in a plot to carry out a coup.
The Real Ghosts (2019) — The Movie Database (TMDB)The Real Ghosts | Horror

He uses an ancient coin that he has carried with him since birth to challenge the mysterious powers, turning the coin into a connection of the living world and the dead.
Tawipop (2004) - IMDbThe Siam Renaissance | Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance | Adaption of Tawipop

A mirror joins two worlds, modern-day Bangkok and Bangkok under Rama IV, together. Maneechan, a diplomat investigating recently uncovered documents in France concerning ancient Thailand, learns the story behind them first-hand as she travels back in time through the mirror.
Críticas de The Swimmers (2014): opiniones, puntuaciones, reseñas, critico,  comentarios,la critica, de que trata, de que vaThe Swimmers | Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Romance, School, Drama, Sports, Mature

When Perth falls for his best friend’s girlfriend, he sets off a chain of events that will transform all their lives … and maybe even end one.
Teacher's Diary (2014) posterThe Teachers’ Diary | Romance, Life, School, Drama

It follows the story of two lonely teachers, a male and a female. They were assigned at the same rural school but a year apart.
The Tin Mine | Comedy, Drama, Documentary

A failed engineering student in the late 1940s gets the unexpected education of a lifetime by working for four years in a rainforest tin mine.
The Unborn Child (2011) by Poj ArnonThe Unborn Child | Thriller, Horror

A couple and their young daughter are haunted by a paranormal, malicious presence — which is soon linked to a temple and a series of abortions.
The Whole Truth (2021) - IMDbThe Whole Truth | Horror, Thriller

When two siblings stumble on a strange hole in the wall of their grandparents’ house, horrifying incidents reveal sinister secrets about their family.
Thibaan × BNK48 (2020) - IMDbThibaan x BNK48 | Comedy, Music

To create new music, an idol girl group must live in the countryside with the hope that immersion in rural life will inspire a fresh sound.
Threesome (2014) - IMDbThreesome | Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

After breaking up with her cheating boyfriend, a makeup artist falls for a mysterious neighbor who’s not what he seems.
Timeline (2014) - IMDbTimeline Letter Memory | Romance, Melodrama

To expand his horizons, a student leaves the countryside for the city and meets a new friend who longs for him to see her the way she views him.
Tootsies & the Fake (2019) - IMDbTootsies & The Fake | Friendship, Comedy

A diverse group creative artists get together and embark upon adventures full of mishaps and mayhem when they accidentally knock out a superstar. Train of the Dead : Kett Thantup, Savika Chaiyadej, Sura  Theerakon, Chaleumpol Tikumpornteerawong, Sukhum Mathawanit: Películas y TVTrain of the Dead | Horror, Supernatural

Five teenagers on the lam hide out in an empty train. Little do they realize that the train is inhabited by ghosts on their way to final judgment.

Index U, W, Y, Z

Uncle Boonmee: Who Can Recall His Past Lives [Importado] : Uncle Boonmee  Who Can Recall His Past Lives: Películas y Series de TVUncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives | Life, Drama, Fantasy

Terminally ill Uncle Boonmee spends his final days reminiscing about his past lives with the ghost of his dead wife and his long-missing son.
Where We Belong (2019) - FilmaffinityWhere We Belong | Friendship, Life, Drama, Family

A teenager creates a checklist to complete before she studies abroad and realizes that her toughest task is leaving behind her best friend.
Yes or No (2010) - Sarasawadee Wongsompetch | Cast and Crew | AllMovieYes or No | Comedy, Romance, School, Youth, Drama

As their friendship develops, Pie and Kim begin to wonder if the feeling they feel for one another is just an ordinary friendship or true love.
Yes or No 2 (2012) posterYes or No 2 | Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Mature

Three years later after graduation, Pie and Kim have to travel into two different directions for their internship; Kim is going to work in a farm in the northern province of Nan, while Pie is going South to work in a fishery center. Their love is being tested by the distance.
Yes or No 2.5 (2015) posterYes or No 2.5 | Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama

Their lives suddenly change when Pim and Fah move in next door. The two girls are Wine’s junior back in the university, and Pim also happens to be Wine’s first love, whom she still couldn’t forget.
You & Me XXX (2017) - IMDbYou & Me XXX | Comedy, Romance, School, Drama

After a magical incident causes her to swap bodies with a male classmate, combative student Pik joins the school soccer club to get closer to her crush.
Zombie Fighters (2017) - MyDramaListZombie Fighters | Horror, Comedy, Zombies, Supernatural

A group of teenagers trapped in a deserted hospital must battle hordes of the undead to escape and find the cure for a gruesome viral outbreak.


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