Drama Lakorn/Completed Romance

Rak Rai (2023) / Love Hurts


“Venika, a successful young businesswoman, finds out her new husband is already married and planning to steal her business. Venika must fight to save herself, with the help from the stubborn, intelligent, and kind-hearted Bantao.” After the glamorous wedding of Venika, a young multimillionaire businesswoman, she receives a greeting card with a copy of her business partner and newly minted husband Teerakit’s marriage certificate with a mysterious woman!

Venika goes on a mission to find out who is the woman in the marriage certificate. She is even more shocked to find out that her husband and his mysterious legal wife are planning a long con to take over her business. Venika has to do whatever it takes to save herself, with the help from Bantao, who has secretly been in love with Venika since their school days.

Venika works hard to return to the top, building her business and facing down challenges… this time she has Bantao, a stubborn, intelligent, and kind-hearted man ally helping her in every aspect of her life. (Source: One31)

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