Club Friday Lakorn/Incompleted Romance Slide

Club Friday The Series Hot Love Issue (2024) / One Night Stand


Love Superstitions || One Night Stand ||

Kwanpon, a modern high school teacher, doesn’t believe in long-term relationships or even love. She leads a secret lifestyle, enjoying one-night stands without any commitments.

However, she finds herself involved with three different men: Kornkit, a gentlemanly figure who is the son of the school owner where Kwanpon works; Time, a colleague who has been pursuing her for a long time but has never been reciprocated; and Mac, a playboy who desires more than just one-night stands with Kwanpon. The story becomes complicated when Kwanpon decides to marry one of the three men. However, her turbulent past catches up with her, leading to unexpected consequences. (Source: Viu)

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