Comedy Lakorn/Incompleted Romance

My Sassy Princess Snow White (2022)


My Sassy Princess: Cinderella ~ Sleeping Beauty

“Snow White” is the story of Snow (Fay-Praewa), the youngest of the shop. “Salon angel” who has always been bullied by her friends about her appearance. But Snow didn’t care. Because she believe that every woman can be beautiful in their own way. In the past Snow secretly liked Fireworks (Tong Tong-Kritsakorn), a seniors during school. At present time, he becoming an idol hero that girls from all over the country screamed. Fate and destiny caused both of them to work together, but Beauty (Perth-Virinsara), Snow’s close friend, who is well suited, has a secret crush on Fireworks as well. (Source: One31/LakornGalaxy)

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