Drama Friendship Lakorn/Completed

Escape to Homestay (2023)


“Top,” the owner of a pub in the heart of Bangkok, is forced to close down his shop due to financial difficulties. He decides to say goodbye to the capital city and go to his grandmother, Grandma Tub, who runs a homestay in Nakhon Nayok. Top brings along his friend, “Gun,” a flight attendant, who was just ordered to take a leave without pay, and “Film,” a talented photographer who has lost his inspiration. Upon arriving, Grandma Tub introduces them to “Ter” a young government officer who is beloved by the locals.

The three friends start working at the homestay, and “Jen,” the owner of a cafĂ© who is Ter’s close friend and seems to be in love with Ter. At the homestay, the three friends learn about a new way of life amidst the care and guidance of Grandma Tub and Ter. Together, they open the homestay to welcome guests with inspiring and heartwarming stories. (Source: iQiyi)

EP01 ~ EP02 ~ EP03 ~ EP04 ~ EP05 ~ EP06 ~ EP07 ~ EP08end.

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