Frequently Asked Questions


a) Ads are needed to keep the video from being deleted of the server.
b) Just click on the X to close it, then click the PLAY button 3 times.
c) Use Chrome/Firefox/Opera

a) Click on the Subber’s name, Channel’s name or picture.
b) Verify the tag/category is under COMPLETED. If it says Incomplete/No Eng Subs,  then there is no link/video.
b) In some cases, episodes are under the synopsis.
c) The picture or the name could have different links, try both.

a) Password for AlwaysGrumpyCat projects are ON HER blog,  read the RULES section of HER blog.
b) For LG projects, Admins post the information and passwords on LG social media FB, IG, TW.

a) Check the tags under synopsis, if it says Incomplete/No Eng Subs, then there's no link/video available.
b) Completed, but no video. Either it's being fixed or we don't have it. Leave a message, we'll let you know.
c) The videos were deleted from the original source. Leave a message, if we have it, we’ll upload it.


b) LG do not sub, we either Transcribe/Edit/Sync/Fix subs or re-upload deleted content.

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