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Lakorn Babies

Recently there are so many lakorns with kids as the center of the story. Whether it’s unexpected love child born out of one night stand or even single Dad and Mom just trying to make it through the day. But some of you lakornians ever wonder who is the child actors that even though so little they can cry, laugh and act throughout the episodes? Here I listed some recently aired lakorns with kids and also some of our admins old favorites!

Wimarn Sai 2021 (The Sand Castle/Somewhere Our Love Begins)

Panin and Arisara meet, in Hau Hin, when she helps him after he was attacked by thieves. She mistakes him for a hotel driver and gives him money, as he lost his wallet. Without knowing each other’s true identities, they both fall in love. Panin is impressed by her generosity, and for once he found a girl that likes him for himself, not for his money or status. She is impressed by his integrity. Upon returning to Bangkok, Panin continues to mislead Arisara about his true identity. Later, when Panin discovers that Arisara is the classmate and woman his younger brother Yoh has been in love with through college, he blames her for his brother’s near-drowning. Though conflicted, he still seeks revenge. (Source: MyDramaList)

The little actor who played as Panin and Arisara’s son was nong Chorn! His looks so cute when he is smiling both his Mom and Dad couldn’t take his eyes off him.

Ratee Luang (Love and Deception)

The sudden and mysterious demise of his father Pipob leads Pitai to discover that his wife, Kamontip was in fact his father’s lover, and therefore, a prime suspect in his death. To escape she runs off with another man and Pitai begins to blame Pla, her younger sister who has always had a secret crush on him. She soon finds herself in a love trap with Pitai that binds them together, but will they ever be able to escape the cycle of love, revenge, and pain? (Source: Viu)

The little actor who played as Trai and Pla’s son is nong Ofah. Even when they’re not filming, Ofah always want to follow what his Dad do.

Samee Chua Keun (Overnight Husband)

Chonpansa got pregnant with her son, Luk Prun, after a one night stand with an unknown man who she later suspected to be Chayut, the half-brother of Kasa. With that suspicion, Chonpansa goes out of her way to treat Chayut well, causing a misunderstanding for Kasa and making him think she’s trying to get with his brother in order to promote her position. In trying to save his brother, Kasa took actions and announce his fake romantic relationship with Chonpansa, making her and Luk Prun move in with him. (Source: Rainbow Subs)

Kasa and Chon’s cute little son was played by nong Lookmon! Lookmon not only close with his on screen Mom but also with his Dad! When they’re having a little fan meeting he just can’t seem to stay away from Euro’s arms.

Ku Kaen San Rak 2021 (My Beloved Enemy)

Songkran is a real estate mogul and a total womanizer with the nickname ‘Invincible Casanova who’s also a single father with a son named Pee. Ingdao and her family owns a land that Songkran and his father has been eyeing. Songkran begins to woo Ingjan, Ingdao’s sister to gain the land but after Songkran obtains proper documents, he leaves her. Ingjan was devastated. Furious, Ingdao wants to take revenge for her younger sister who tried to commit suicide along with getting their land back by transforming into a gorgeous woman named Daopradub to seduce him back. (Source: Lakorn Galaxy)

This cute little boy who become Mike’s son is non other that Panther Corp, the son of actor Peter Corp! Panther is so close even behind the scene with his on screen Dad, everytime he comeback after school and go to the filming location he will tell a story to Mike! Ps: that little boy behind Mike and Panther is Panther’s little brother called Puma.

So Wayree (Chain of Vengeance)

Praamita is sold by her best friend to Parin, and becomes pregnant with his child. She escapes overseas for school but realizes she is pregnant and gives births to twins. When she returns, she realizes that the father of her children is trying to destroy her father’s business. A game of revenge begins, and eventually leads the two to another night together, and another pregnancy. Paramita decides to forgive Parin and forget the past. Now, their biggest challenge is to go against their family. The family that refuses to let them be together. (Source: LakornGalaxy)

The kids who play as Mitha and Parin’s twins are nong Flora and nong Matteo! Even though they look alike, but they’re actually not a twins in real life! They both got really close behind the scenes with Kem and Mookda that I really love to watch their behind the scenes because their interactions were so cute.

Jai Luang (Lying Heart)

Raveet and Pring are cousins, however, Pring is envious of Raveet because Raveet has everything. Due to their jealousy, they try to take away everything good in Raveet’s life. Raveet blames them for her mother leaving. Thaywa is a single father with a daughter, Tawan. He fell in love at first sight with Raveet however, Raveet believes that he is an irresponsible father and a player. Da, Thaywa’s sister, hates Raveet and blamed her for the death of her husband, Prasin. She wants Raveet to suffer for this. Thaywa is torn between his sister and the one he loves.

The little girl (who’s now not really little anymore) who played as Tawan is nong Katekate! She was so cute in this lakorn but now has grown up to be beautiful girl.

And that are some of our favorite lakorns with kids. Do you have your favorites too in this list? Or other title that not listed here? Leave a comment bellow!

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