Comedy Lakorn/Completed Romance

Loneliness Society (2023)


“Mena”, a 30-year-old IT woman who turned into a parcel delivery person, met “Arthit”, the person she fell in love with at first sight. One Sunday there was an accident. Mina saves him and poses as a fake girlfriend. Arthit’s family were happy to meet Athit’s girlfriend, only “Tham”, Athit’s younger brother, did not believe her. Tham and Mina helped to take care of Athit to recover until both of them had good feelings for each other, but the new problem came back. Happened when “Katie”,
Arthit’s real girlfriend appeared. And instead have good feelings for Dharma, how will the relationship of all 4 of them end? In the end, who does Mina’s heart really love? (Source: GMMTV)

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