Genre Trope - LGBT Lakorn/Completed Romance

My Dear Gangster Oppa (2023)

The story of “Guy” (Ping), a college nerd who secretly loves his best friend “Whan.” To relieve his loneliness of one-sided love from Whan, Guy’s hobby is playing games until Guy meets a kind sister in the game named “Yuri” which he later finds out that the real Yuri’s kind-hearted older sister is a handsome young mafia named “Tiw” (Meen). Guy starts to open his heart because of Tiw’s gentleness while getting to know Tiw’s background and true identity as a mafia with a mysterious and terrifying past. Whom Guy will choose between Whan, the only best friend he has known since childhood or Tiw a young mafia gang who is in danger? (Source: iQiyi)

EP01 – 02EP03 – 04EP05 – 06EP07 – 08
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