Drama Genre Trope - Rich Guy/Poor Girl Lakorn/Completed Romance

Rak Ni Tong Jiaranai (2023) / My Lucky Star

Artop Media or Viki

My Lucky Star (Taiwanese)

Knight is an heir to the jewelry business and a well-known jewelry designer and race car driver. Once he accidentally exposed the fraud of selling fake jewelry by Moon, Knight hates cheaters most, so he personally sent Moon to prison.

A few years later, Knight broke up with his girlfriend after he found she betrayed him and fell in love with his brother, then he went to study abroad. Moon is released in advance because of her outstanding performance in prison, but her sworn boyfriend has married another woman. And Knight accidentally finds that his stepmother gave his mother’s necklace to the future daughter-in-law (his ex-girlfriend), so he decided to return home to get their own things.

Moon comes to a hotel by mistake when she has no place to go, and she meets Knight again by bad luck, accidentally handcuffed together. Knight is tracked by his stepmother and brother because he stole his mother’s memento necklace at his brother’s wedding, then Moon brings him to the border village, two people support each other, and help villagers against local evil forces, Knight changed his mind to Moon, let her become more sincere, two people fell in love with each other in getting along. Knight was seriously injured back in Bangkok for treatment, in order to protect the reputation of Knight, Moon choose to hide alone on the island life. Knight is depressed by Moon’s departure and was unable to design satisfactory works. To help Knight solve the crisis, Moon returns to Bangkok. Finally, under the efforts of two people, they designed wonderful jewelry works and solved all the crises of the company, Moon also officially became the company’s jewelry designer, and their love has been recognized by all. (Source: Artop Media)

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