Action Comedy Genre Trope - LGBT Lakorn/Completed Romance

Pit Babe The Series (2023)


Pit Babe is a new vibe of Boy Love Series that tells the love story between a king racer with special abilities and a naive young man. This love started from unknown each other come be love and become hateful. When one day a hot, nerdy, innocent boy asked to join the racing team with the exchange that the king racer set up to satisfy one’s own desires. But the fun quickly turned into love. One day he learns that young hot nerd actually has a hidden talent and it can destroy him. More complexity, when he realized that the innocent boy was sent by his hated father for some gray business. From passionate love Instead, he had to do everything to prove his innocence. If he still wants each other and this love of both of them are plenty of friendship, warmth, passion, betrayal and vengeance. (Source: Iqiyi)

EP01 – 02EP03 – 04EP05 – 06EP07 – 08EP09 – 10EP11 – 12EP13
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