Club Friday Drama Lakorn/Incompleted Slide

Club Friday The Series Hot Love Issue (2024) / Love You To Death


Love Superstitions || One Night Stand || Secret of Dating Apps || Depression or Just selfishness || Young Love || Love Bully || Love You To Death

Recently, incidents of self-harm in the name of love have been on the rise. One of the most excruciating experiences for a woman is to find out about her husband’s affair after living together. Time passes, and the pain slowly begins to subside. However, one day, she stumbles upon an episode of Club Friday and hears a story that matches her own experience. Oddly enough, the voice of the woman on the show sounds familiar and the narration closely mirrors her own journey. She realizes that the woman featured on the show is her husband’s mistress. Now she finds herself hearing the pure truth from a different perspective. (Source: Viu).

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