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First off, if you don’t like Slap/Kiss-Raeng and just want to hate on something, please DON’T READ THIS! This post is meant to create a discussion about two lakorns and the backlash due to a particular scene.
As I said, if you disagree or dislike this, then stop watching/reading this. YOU, as the viewer, have the power in your hand to click stop or exit out of this post.

If you don’t want spoilers, then go away… I’m giving you a chance . . . 1, 2, 3

Let me start with this one statement: NEITHER I NOR MY FELLOW ADMINS ARE PRO-RAPE!! Let’s make that clear first because it seems that some people understood me wrong due to my past comments. Yes, I love RAENG lakorns! My favorite lakorns of all time are Sawan Biang and Jam Loey Ruk which, most of you know, have R-Scenes. For some cultural reason, Thailand portrays R-Scenes as something that connects Pra’ek and Nang’ek <NOT SAYING THIS IS OK, but I understand and still enjoy the lakorn because… <IT’S A DAMN LAKORN!>

Now, times have changed, our society has changed and so our perspectives. Keep in mind that slavery and segregation were once accepted, but slavery was abolished and segregation… well, we are still having SOME issues there, however we have come a long way. With that said, let’s move to the reason that led me to writing this. The backlash MJB (Mia Jam Bpen) is receiving after that R-Scene where it SEEMS that Nang’ek is raped and later Pra’ek is acting as a total Tohmon!  (This is a new word Admins and Friends will be adding to LGuange as a synonym for “The top Moron/Asshole”).

I said I was not going to watch the ep until Subber Neko gets done with ep 10, but I had to watch that scene and… OH, MY DEAR LORD! WHAT A TOHMON HE IS!!!! I yelled at my screen, I wanted to kick him more than Bow kicks Toh in WWH (Wong Wieng Huajai). My heart hurt, and NOT in the way that I like! After watching that scene, I totally understood ALL the backlash it received and why other lakorns didn’t cause the same reaction when some showed R-Scenes as well in the past months. That is not the way  R-Victims should be treated at all!

And that Victim blaming takes me to WWH, in which you can see in the first eps, how the Nang’ek has to keep quiet about the “rape” (cuz she was not) to avoid damaging her family’s reputation. Let me say this once again, <I CAN DEAL WITH IT CUZ I KNOW IT’S JUST A LAKORN!> I know that that old stigma of victim blaming has to go away as well as the romanticizing of rape. If you have watched the old version of WWH, you must know there’s also a R-Scene in there and that in the new version that Subber Thippy is working on, there might be one too.

My questions now are…  WILL/SHOULD Wong Wien Huajai RECEIVE THE SAME BACKLASH IF IT KEEPS THE R-SCENE? What if WWH keeps the R-Scene and it doesn’t get backlash like MJB?  Could that mean that Thai society were just mad at the Tohmon’s reaction of disgust towards the Nang’ek and not about the rape?

Please, tell me what you think on the comments on this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Discord (spoilers tag).

Adding to this topic, some years ago Clarity shared on LG private group about Ch3 self-censorship on lakorns after the warning from minister. Admins of Lakorn Galaxy asked for her permission to add it next.


*Just my 2 cents*
by Clarity

About El’s post… Firstly, I would like to stress that both lakorns are produced by the same company. Yes, D One (production who produced MJB) is the sister company of Kantana Group which produce WWH. I can see the difference between that because they got a different producer who handle the lakorn. I love Mr. D’s work better since he handled Ngao Boon and Wong Wien Huajai which the acting of casts are natural. As for MJB, most of the characters are overreacting, and they are forced (well, I can see through their acting). I was surprised as I know Ch3 tends to self-censor sweet kisses and very intimate scenes. How would they let such of this scene air? I know some people are just like Tohmon in real life, but the way they depicted it it’s such a shrew.

LG is an interesting place that share a lot of good info about lakorns. So I decided to share back something after I found a post that was interesting. Well, why certain channels did not air those deep kissing scenes? If referred to the latest lakorn it will be Trabab See Chompoo when Peat passionately kissed his wife, Kiew. Okay, let me enlighten you that the channel did receive warnings/ban from Thailand Ministry of Culture regarding this issue. I think it was back then in 2008 when some international fans regarded the culture in Thailand is that the hero can rape the girl that he love, or the man rape a woman to teach them a lesson or either executing the revenge. So this hanky panky issue began during Sawan Biang and later on got a few lakorns of unwilling rape scenes and deep kisses, and they support it with the statistics of rapes that happened in Thailand. Well, to make the matter worse a lakorn titled Nuer Mek 2 got pulled off because the story was inappropriate (political issues). The channel couldn’t risk that anymore, so they fully enforce it in 2011 (if I am not mistaken). However, a cable channel got fined 2 years back because of excessive violent and intimate scenes. What do you think?

Lakornian Clarity


P. S. Now, isn’t it weird that Ch3 got a warning and censorship and other channels didn’t? What are your thoughts on this? Not all lakorns are about romanticizing R-Scenes, there’s one Lakorn in particular that comes to my mind that also talks about rape but gives it a different angle. In this one the victim takes the rapist to court, so you might want to watch it: Pik Marn (Devil’s Wings) -Admin DAO

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2 months ago

You made some valid points and trust me I was super pissed off at Tohmon characters too. I’m trying to think of this in a very open mind and trying to put myself in the characters shoe. I feel like Tohmon couldn’t accept what happened to Yadfah(Tawan) because he knows it is his fault to begin with. To my understanding, MJB received many backlash because of Tohmon characters, perhaps he could of convey his emotions better, for a lack of better word “comfort/caring” instead of giving the cold hearted comfort. We don’t know how Tohmon actually feel inside, we see… Read more »

2 months ago

B.yes of course..i love this lakorn!!

2 months ago

Where do i start. First of all thank you for your opinion i agree with you that sometimes lakorns are just lakorns and you can choose to watch or not. However I can see why people are upset then Rape is a serious topic which affects a lot of women this scene can be triggering for some people. In MJB Tohmon reaction is actually realistic. Most of the time man and women can not accept the fact that somebody they know and love could be a rape victim. In the most case men react like Tohmon because they fell helpless… Read more »

2 months ago

Yes I will continue because of the reasons you provided above re this type of Lakorn. However, the reason I feel so strongly about the scene in in this particular show is because the preceding episodes were taking me in a different direction. I had actually laughed in many of the them and saw the script as clever in using so many of the same tropes used in lakorns…..I mean the show was almost following the lakorn being watched by the characters who were avid fans of lakorns. I thought this was clever as this lakorn was to me a… Read more »

1 month ago

B. I’m watching with a lots of “Skip, skip, skip” just because I need to end this nightmare and not have it in my list anymore 😂