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Sawan Biang (2008) / Paradise Diversion


Leela is going to get married in a few day but unfortunately, she and her groom get into an accident when they are hit by Kid’s car . Her groom dies but she survives. Kid, their litigant, also loses his wife in the accident. He pays for Leela’s medical treatment and visits her every day. Their relationship quickly deepens, and she soon finds out his son is Kawee, a man she was in love with in her youth. Leela had stalked and pursued the arrogant Kawee, but was mercilessly rejected and humiliated by him. She does not love Kid, but is encouraged by her younger sister, Narin, to accept his marriage proposal. Leela’s main motive is to seek revenge on Kawee. Leela and her family, which includes her mother, younger brother and sister Narin, all move to Kid’s house. Kawee becomes enraged by the marriage and the new family members moving in. He specifically targets Narin because she stands up to him and defends her sister. He quickly finds himself intrigued by her, but also enjoys making Leela mad with envy, whenever he pays attention to Narin. The relationships turn volatile, with conflicting emotions of revenge, loyalty, duty, hate and love, all thrown into the mix. (Source: MyDramaList)

EP 1 to 3 ~ EP 4 to 6 ~ EP 7 to 9 ~ EP 10 to 12end


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