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*****Lakornians… I believe that is the term from our LGuage that you are all familiar with because that’s what we call you… But, what does it mean?

I started using ‘lakornians’ only to talk to my fellow admins when we first began this crazy journey. It is not a Thai nor an English term, it’s just something that came to my mind one day while I was watching Star Trek. Shortly after, I realized that many fans were extremely supportive of Original Subbers and I thought it would be a cool way of calling them.

***** PLOT… One of our closest friends taught us this word. 

Picture by soompi.com

Once, we were talking about Kdramas and our friend mentioned she had loved the PLOT of one of the Kdramas. This made the rest of us very confused because we thought it was a terrible storyline! Plus, there wasn’t even any chemistry between the leads that could save the story! Minutes later, she sent us a screenshot of an actor’s shower scene (I don’t remember the drama nor the actor, sorry) with a small caption of the meaning. We all started laughing when we realized what PLOT stood for! From that moment on, PLOT became part of our daily conversations. 

Leh Rak Bussaba subbed by Neko

Victory Lap

***** Vicky is based off a nang’rai (female antagonist).

Vicky from Sanae Rak Nang Cin subbed by Neko

While watching Neko’s project (Sanae Rak Nang Cin), we became immensely annoyed by the character Vicky, played by Pear Pitchapa. Her character transformed into a lunatic, and yet again, a friend said she had gone Vicky! Using Vicky as a synonym for crazy. Little did we know that after some time, Thippy would take on a project (My Hero Series Part 2: Montra Lai Hong) in which we would use the word again. We started saying the Nang’rai was Vickier than the real Vicky.

Going Vickier!

***** Kae another adjective inspired by a lakorn character, this time, the nang’ek (female lead).

Kae from Nang'rai subbed by Thippy

Nang’rai was a project subbed by Thippy. That lakorn name made me think that the nang’ek would be strong and courageous, but she turned out to be one of the stupidest lakorn characters I’ve ever watched. Here comes our friend again… she started using Kae as a synonym for stupid. 

Don't be such a Kae!

***** LAPORN  is the newest addition to our LGuage.

This word was coined by one of the members in our private group on Facebook. Well, it was not her, but her husband who came out with this word. In one of our posts, we were discussing Slap/Kiss lakorns, and she told us her husband called that lakorn genre LAPORN. At the beginning, we were confused because as you know, Lakorns are known for lacking 18+ scenes! After she explained it to us, I loved the word and asked her if I could start using it as part of our LGuage and she agreed. (***NOTE: E. W. I hope your husband doesn’t sue us for CR. LOL! )

My favorite LAPORN of all time

Well, those are some words that are part of our LGguage. I was planning on writing about all of them at once, but then I wouldn’t have a topic for my next contribution. Right, Asteri? LOL!

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