Comedy Genre Trope - Marriage Genre Trope - Slap & Kiss Lakorn/Completed Subber - neko^^ Meow Meow

Mia Jam Bpen (2021) / Wife On Duty

Neko Meow Meow

Other version: 2001 ~ 2021

Tohmorn is a rich heir who is addicted to watching lakorns. He even adapts the behavior of the cool suave leading characters from lakorns. No matter what is going on in his life, once it is 8 PM, everything stops so he can watch lakorns, he must only watch it live.

Tawan is a servant who is also addicted to lakorn. Unlike Tohmorn she can only watch lakorns the day after it airs. The two couldn’t be anymore different. Tohmorn’s parents have an engagement promise with Yardfah. He goes to end the engagement promise, but meets Tawan. Believing that Tawan is Yardfah, he decides to marry her.

The two goes through obstacles that they often see on their lakorns and fall in love. Tohmorn hides his feelings to keep up his leading male character persona, even if he has fallen head over heels for Tawan. Tawan struggles with hiding the truth from Tohmorn and his family after she comes to love them. With Yardfah and her common law husband blackmailing her for money, Tawan is slowly backed into a corner. (Source: LakornGalaxy)

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