Comedy Drama Genre Trope - Cross dressing Genre Trope - Marriage Genre Trope - Rich Guy/Poor Girl Lakorn/Completed Romance

Plara Song Krueng (2019) / Queen of Pickled Fish

Woon Asada was reunited with her long lost mother who abandoned her since she was young. With an ulterior motive, her mother wants to arrange a marriage for her with her step son, whom is handsome and rich. Woon had to take control of her life, she decided to transform into an ugly woman and faked her identity as Wan, to make a living. However, to her surprise, her boss is the one she has to run away from.

EP01 ~ EP02 ~ EP03 ~ EP04 ~ EP05 ~ EP06 ~ EP07 ~ EP08 ~ EP09 ~ EP10 ~ EP11 ~ EP12 ~ EP13 ~ EP14 ~ EP15 ~ EP16 ~ EP17 ~ EP18 ~ EP19 ~ EP20end.


  1. Chaitali says:

    Link doesn’t work ????????????

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Clear your history browser.

  2. Enneirda says:

    Thank you this! I will wait patiently for the rest of the episodes.

  3. Varsha says:

    Is this lakorn available in viu india …

    1. Sornsuer says:

      We don’t know. You can check if you are in India.

  4. Vicky says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. Please don’t be mad at this question but is this still being subbed or incomplete?

    1. Sornsuer says:

      it was completed. Did you check? 🙂

  5. Where can I find the link for this lakorn?

    1. Sornsuer says:

      It’s fixed. You can watch it with the same link.

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