It’s gaming season in C-Dramaland!!!

The first gaming C-drama I watched, was indeed, one of my favorites rom-com ever…. Love 020, starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang. Since it’s like a must watch and it aired a long time ago, I will skip explaining what it is about (lol, so lazy to write about it).

Love 020 was like university pals gathering together to play games online, developing a love story which started in the virtual cyber space and turned out to be a super cute love story in real life.

The dream of every girl, suddenly you learn your crush you’ve been dreaming of, turns out to be your half in real life.

Well, these pals were geeks and they designed their own games, and blah, blah, blah. 😛

Now, coming back to present drama… Opposite to the geniuses who developed their own games, we have the geeks that are into e-sports (gaming at the end of the day 😛 )

So, it came to my mind that media companies are giving us 3 gaming C-dramas in a row!!! Wow!!

First one is:


I already watched this drama twice (and it has nothing to do with Yibo playing the male lead, of course hahahaha).

Well, as I mentioned before this drama counts with Wang Yibo and Wang Zixuan as leads. I have to tell that this is my first time seeing her in a drama; and I have to admit that I was so distracted with the mole in her upper lip (lol, why on earth am I saying this?)

Well, this drama goes around the e-sports. The boys play a video game named Iconquer (or something like that), there are several teams that battle each other and also exchange the members. And we have the girls who work on the media. Our female lead is like a youtuber, (pretty millennial, huh?) and her friend is a reporter.

Our leads have a difficult start, but slowly they began to develop feelings… Such a tender love story, and OMG… The way Yibo smiles, it’s just melting… lol… just saying.

In case you want to have a taste of this C-drama, here you go 😉

Ok, let’s move to the next e-sport C-drama of the season.


This definitely is my favorite C-Drama of the second half of the year.

Such a nice and fluffy love story starring Li Xian and Yang Zi.

He has developed a pretty handsome and cold as ice male lead and she plays the intelligent but naive warm girl.

Ok, I won’t omit Hu Yitian since he’s such an eye candy, but it’s like if he’s a guest star, so uhg 😛

Well, in this case it’s not properly gaming… They do something called CTF (capture the flag). It’s like they are hackers and have to pass certain obstacles to achieve the goal.

I have to say that this is not the interesting thing of the drama, the gaming part is like whatever, but the way the leads slowly develop feelings for each other is what will buy you to keep watching this drama.

If I am going to compare the gaming part, I am going to say that the e-battles are way better in Gank Your Heart than in Go Go Squid. I was more excited watching the competitions in GYH, and the actors could really transmit their emotions thru the screen.

But, I am going to give an extra point to Li Xian’s boys team since they are always wearing black, lol 😛  And I won’t pay attention to the awful Yang Zi’s outfit.

Ok, no more comments about this one.

I’ll just add that these two C-dramas are based on novels. Gank Your Heart is based on the novel Dian Jing Lian Ren by Nanye Lin’er. And, Go Go Squid is based on the novel ‘Stewed Squid with Honey’ (Mi Zhi Dun You Yu) by Mo Bao Fei Bao.

Hey!! Pst, Pst! I’ve been told Love 020 is also based on a novel (hahahaha). The name of the novel is One Smile is Very Alluring by Gu Man.

No more original scripts I think 😛

Let’s continue with the third E-Sport C-Drama.


Currently airing we have THE KING’S AVATAR live action (I think this counts as live action 😛 )

I have to say that I haven’t watched this one yet. Since it’s lacking romance, I need to convince myself that only Yang Yang is enough, hahaha.

Another eye candy that catches my attention is Gao Hanyu, since I watched him in Flipped, I cannot forget that episode 9 yet (hahahahaha).

Well for sure, the screen will show more than these two guys.

But it seems that the Chinese production companies are very into the new era stuff, providing material very ad hoc to the current times, such as e-sport’s championships, and showing to the old people, like me, the way young people could work in a new full of opportunities field.

I wouldn’t have imagined such careers; as youtuber, influencer, and that kind of stuff; would exist today 😛 (I’m feeling so old now).

Another fact to be mentioned is that they are trying to make very clear the fact that they are very very proud to be Chinese (it’s natural of course), but I feel like a slice of exaggeration (hehehe). Their nationalism is so high and they don’t miss the opportunity to show it.

Well, I hope you give these C-Dramas an opportunity and decide to watch them. I assure you won’t regret it!!

And perhaps this has nothing to do with the topic but I want to say… I miss you so much Dramafever!!!! Hahahahaha

I just hope that more streaming companies dare to bet for the Chinese dramas (yes, I am talking to you Netflix!!! You need to improve your subtitles, though!!)

Anyways… See you next time!!!!

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JJ for Lakorn Galaxy
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2 years ago

Thanks for the recommendations! Now I know what to watch next. I’ve been searching for dramas to binge watch. Love 020 is also one of my personal favorites. 🙂