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Kwan Pwa 2 (2018) / Dead Time Stories 2: City of Moon

Kwan Pwa 1

In the year 2019, ‘Kantharalak’, a small town nobody knows, opened a university to welcome new students from all over. Namsai, a young woman who returned to her hometown to study at this university, met Kan, a young man from a different city. But they get along very well and have a close relationship as fast as if they knew each other for a long time, causing Aek the boy who grew up with Namsai and who is secretly interested in her, get upset and plan to bully him. Soon after, the challenges began when the boys invaded the Forbidden Forest and Kan mysteriously disappeared. Namsai and Aek himself were unable to find Kan, so Aek tells them that no one should know that they entered the forest. Because someone broke the rules and snuck into the forbidden forest, the villagers were worried and were looking for the person who entered the forest. But before they found her, Kan reappeared and looked in bad shape. Strange events began to happen when the boys in the village began to remember their past lives. (Source: MyDramaList)

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