Chinese Drama Comedy Historical TVB HongKong

Recipes To Lives By (2017) / 味想天開


Born with a golden tongue and able to distinguish between good and bad dishes from one bite, Ding Yat San is upset that his adoptive father Ding Yat has forbidden him from being a chef. When he hears about a cooking contest in Yangzhou, he asks Shek Yau to disguise as a man and substitute for him in the competition. As a result, he wins the admiration of famous chef Koi Siu Tin. Ding Yat San and Koi Siu Tin work together to create new dishes, which helps Koi Siu Tin win the Golden Lotus Flower, culinary’s highest honour, many times in a row. As they become famous, they meet new friends who are also interested in food, like the daughter of a wealthy family Tung Ming Ming and a famous female chef Dai Ng Yuen. Tung Ming Ming has a crush on Ding Yat San, while Ding Yat San admires Shek Yau, but Shek Yau likes Koi Siu Tin, causing Ding Yat San to decide to break with Koi Siu Tinand work on his own. But things turn out differently from what he planned. Ding Yat San is framed by Shek Yau and loses his golden tongue abilities. Later, he is revealed to be the descendant of a formerly famous chef. Ding Yat San vows to clear his father’s name, even if he has to pay the price of being deserted by everyone.

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