Horror Lakorn/Completed Subber - Subber's Paradise

Kwan Pwa (2016) / Dead Time Stories

Subbers Paradise

Kwan Pwa 2

Pong, Mim, Keng, and Yuna are experiencing problems to the plot of the series “Kwan Pwa” that got rejected by several capitalists. They must send a new plot within one week. Non-recommended everyone to change the atmosphere and go out to places that are really haunted and eerie. And one of the places is “The Hanging Wood”, rumored to be a place where many people go to hang themselves and die there. The group headed to the crime scene in Kanchanaburi Province and stayed at a homestay owned by Aunt Chan. The homestay is also rumored to be a place where weird activities have taken place as well. Wanting a good interesting plot, the five of them each take a turn every night to tell a plot that they have come up with. But that was only the beginning of paranormal activities in the next continuing days because the plot that they have told slowly became true and cannot find answers. (Source: MyDramaList)

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