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Celebrities and their Wealthy Partners

Chompoo Araya Hargate and Nott Visrut Rangsisingpipat

Nott is the founder and CEO of Venine Corporation and was listed in Prestige’s 40 under 40. Venine Corporation is a group of manufacturing plants that help to produce and trade copper, aluminum, and power cables. Nott is from an extremely wealthy family and is the heir to a large lighting company in Thailand.

Patricia Good and Note Vises Rangsisingpipat

Note is the CEO if H2Flow Beverage. He is the brother of Nott and the brother-in-law of Chompoo. Note graduated from University College of London with a bachelors in mechanical engineering and holds a masters degree from Imperial College of London. Patricia and Note recently got engaged on June 2, 2022. The pair caused quite a stir when their relationship was revealed, as people believed that Patricia cheated on Peach to be with Note, though this could be false information. Peach also received hate when he and Patricia broke up because of things he said and how he behaved after the break up. Some of Note’s notable ex’s include Aum Patcharapa Chaichua and Poo Praya Lundberg.

Taew Natapohn Tameeruks and Pranai Phornprapha

Pranai has a long list of titles as he is set to inherit Siam Motors Group. He is the managing director of Siam Design Hotels, managing director of Siam Country Club Bangkok, creative director of Codium, new relations director of Cloud HM, owner’s representative of Siam Movenpick, and director of Concrete Jungle. Pranai also opened a rooftop bar called Paradise Lost.

Matt Peranee Kongthai and Songkarn Taechanarong

Songkarn is a police captain and the CEO of Bonanza Khao Yai Resort (a family business). Songkarn s part of the police crime suppression division in the special operation unit. He is the ex-husband of Aff Taksaorn Paksukcharoen and father to Peemai Taechanarong. Matt and Songkarn’s relationship caused a stir as well when their relationship was revealed. Songkarn was recently divorced and Matt was believed to have been the third-hand. Matt denied the rumors and sued approximately 100 people for their comments. Matt lost multiple job opportunities at the time.

Mint Chalida Vijitvongthong and Pupaa Taechanarong

From the name, I’m sure you can tell that Pupaa is Songkarn’s brother! Pupaa is the CEO of Bonanza Exotic Zoo. He started Minito Gelato with Mint. Pupaa’s family also owns Bonanza Golf and Country Club. His father is former politician Paiwong Taechanarong. The Taechanarong family owns several Bonanza-named companies that includes the resort, golf course, exotic zoo, and a speedway amongst others.

Mew Nittha Jirayungyurn and Saint Tharaphut Khuhapremkit

Saint is the managing director and vice president of Globex Holding Management, which is an investment company that provides securities brokerage, securities dealing, securities underwriting, and financial advisory services. This company was built with the success of his family business, Jin Thai Heng Goldsmith. Saint is also the managing director to Alpha Energy Holding, which invests in wind and clean energy projects in Southeast Asia. Saint graduated from Boston University with a bachelors in Economics, an MBA in Finance and Business strategy from Sasin, and a masters in Investment Management from Cass Business School in the UK. The two have a daughter named Marin. The two have a youtube channel where they share vlogs of their lives.

New Chaiyapol Julien Poupart and Maysa Kittima Vongswat

Maysa is the director of Carabao Tawandang Co Ltd, which produces energy drinks. The two share a youtube channel where they showcase their life and have shown an amazing home tour.
Prestige article on their home (as Maysa lives with her whole family but I believe the buildings are semi-detached from each other).

Sean Jindachot and Petch Pipatchara Kaeojinda

I am not quite sure how wealthy Petch is, but she sure is a successful business woman! Petch is the co-founder ad head creative director of Pipatchara. If you have watched any recent lakorns, you have surely seen her bags being worn by the actresses. Her recent collection utilized HDPE bottle lids, tupperware, yakult bottles, singha bottle lids, etc. Petch graduated from Academy of Arts in San Francisco with a degree in Fashion Design. She went to school with Maysa and even attended her wedding to New.

Camilla Kittivat Kirn and Bint Pirachai Bencharongkul

This is Milly’s ex-boyfriend. Milly has a different boyfriend now, but she has yet to reveal who that person is, so I will share some information on her ex. Bint is the son of Vichai Bencharongkul who used to be the co-CEO of DTAC and is now the president of Benchachinda Co, Ltd, which is a multimedia telecommunication services provider. Bint is currently an investment director at BCH Ventures, a strategy & business development director at BB Technology Co, and an investment strategist at Benchachinda Holding Co. Bint is currently dating Prowpraew Senakant who co-owns salon Prim & proper Hair Bar with her sister Prima (sidenote: Prima’s ex-boyfriend’s family owns Bangkok Cable.)

Nicole Kittivat Kirn and Tarin Thanakitamnuay

Tarin is the executive vice president of Reno (Thailand) co ltd, which is a mass fashion retailer that owns the brand AIIZ. Tarin’s brother-in-law is the vice president of S.T. Diamond which is a distributor of luxury watches. Tarin’s cousin, Chacha Natcha Thanakitamnuay is a young hotelier whose family owns several hotel resorts including: Kirimaya the resort, Muthi Maya Forest Pool Villa, and Atta Lakeside Resort Suite. Kirimaya is also a golf and spa. Several celebrities have been seen vacationing at Kirimaya resort enjoying the Maya Cruise where visitors have a chance to have a small picnic on a boat on the lake.

Prapye Ramida Theerapat and Noon Chidchob

Noon’s father is a Thai politician from Buriram Province and is the chairman of Buriram United Football Club previously known as PEA F.C. (Pronvincial Electricity Authority Football Club). Noon’s grandfather was the president of the national assembly of Thailand and the speaker of the house of representatives from 2008 to 2011. Noon’s uncle is a Thai politician that serves as Minister of Transport in the second cabinet of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

Masu Junyangdikul and Natalie Panalee Varunwongse

Natalie’s family owns Judy Gems which manufactures 18k gold jewelry setting with diamond and gemstones. Although there isn’t too much information about the company that I can find, from Natalie’s instagram pictures, you can see her wealth from her multiple luxury bags and jewelry – hermes bags and multiple VCA jewelry.

Kong Karoon SosoThikul and Prang Apinara Srikarnchana

Kong is the sole heir of Seacon Square. Prang is the CEO and Co-founder of U Drink I Drive. Prang is the heir to her family’s company, Asia Insurance PCL. Prang holds a masters degree in political science from London School of Economics and is fluent in Japanese. Her father Chulapayap Srikarnchana is the CEO of Asia Insurance. Prang’s mother, Yuki Narawadee Srikarnchana, is the managing director and CEO of Pendulum Company Thailand (sells luxury watches such as Rolex) and founder of Nara Thai Cuisine Group. Prang’s sister, Ploy, is an entrepreneur that founded ‘Tooch Active’ and ‘Tooch Swim.’ Ploy had also created a shoe brand ‘Muse” and makeup brand ‘Rosie’ in the past; she is currently in the midst of opening an aesthetics clinic called Prime Aesthetics. Prang’s two sisters (Ploy and Pimpayap) also opened a new restaurant called Inka BKK.

Pat Piraya Singha and Phillip Phenjati

Pat’s husband, Phillip, is the director and CEO of C&P Co Ltd. which is an established provider of domestic and international seaborne transportation services. Phillip also has a hand in dealing with property development as well. Phillip received a bachelors degree of commerce and bachelors of science and a postgraduate honours degree in accounting & finance.

Nutcha Naphak Janjitranon and Worawat Narknaewdee

Worawat is also known as Acme Trader, who is the CEO of Bitnance Company Ltd.

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