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Celebrities With More Than One Career

Jeab Lalana Kongtoranin

You should be familiar with this one if you’ve been following our website since the beginning! Jeab was crowned Miss Thailand in 2006 and is a doctor as well! She graduated from Mahidol University’s Faculty of Medicine.
Some lakorns you may have seen her in include:
-Waen Dok Mai
-Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai
-My Husband in Law
Jeab’s instagram

Bint Sireethorn Leearamwat

Prior to becoming an actress, Bint practiced as a pharmacist after graduating from Mahidol University with a degree in pharmacy. Bint also crowned Miss Thailand in 2019 and was the first woman from Thailand to win Miss International. One of her recent works was in ‘Wan Wassana.’ You can follow her instagram here.

Frung Narikun Ketprapakorn

If you’re a fan of the Hormone series, then she should be a familiar face to you! Frung is a doctor who recently graduated from Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine! She has a youtube channel as well where she shows your her daily life and days of her studying for her boards!
Frung’s instagram

Puimek Napasorn Weerayuttwilai is another actress with an MD under her belt! Like Frung, she also recently graduated as a doctor! She received her degree from Rangsit University’s College of Medicine. If you’re a fan of the U-Prince series, you may know her as Princess Karin from U-Prince: The Badly Politics. She has an upcoming lakorn with New Thitipoom in “You are My Missing Piece” which has just started airing.
Puimek’s instagram

Kong Sorawit Suboon

Kong Sorawit Suboon is also known as Dr. Suriya Suboon as he has graduated from Phramongkutklao University’s College of Medicine. I am most familiar with this actor from his role in Wanida and Ruk Jung Aoey. When I first read about this actor, I remember one thing he said that stood out to me was that being a doctor is his career, acting is just a hobby for him. From his instagram, you can see that he has been helping our during the pandemic administering vaccines amongst his other duties as a doctor!

Neng Sarun Naraprasertkul

Neng Sarun Naraprasertkul received his degree as a veterinarian from Chulalongkorn University and has his own veterinary clinic called Hato Pet Wellness Center. You may follow his life updates through his instagram.

Ritz Rueangritz Siriphanit

Ritz Rueangritz Siriphanit is not only a dermatologist, but he is an actor and singer as well! He is currently starring as Dr. Non in “You Are My Missing Piece” (same lakorn as Puimek!). He has own clinic called Ritz. Find his instagram here.

Both Nattapong Chinsoponsap

Both Nattapong Chinsoponsap is an actor and a dentist! He received his degree in dentistry from Chulalongkorn University. He is also a co-founder of the dental clinic All About Teeth Clinic. His instagram can be found here.

Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok

Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok is a doctor and starring as the lead in “Vice Versa.” You can find his instagram here.

Kokliang Parinya Angsanan

Kokliang Parinya Angsanan is another actor who recently graduated as a doctor! Two of his lakorns that aired this year include “That’s My Candy” and “Even Sun.” His instagram can be found here.

Mix Sahaphap Wongratch

Mix Sahaphap Wongratch is an actor who is currently studying in Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science. One of his lakorns that aired earlier this year is “Moonlight Chicken” and his next lakorn will be as a lead in “Cupid’s Last Wish.” You can find his instagram here.

Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul

Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul should be a familiar face to all of you who watched “F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers.” Tu is currently studying dentistry at Chulalongkorn University. You can follow her instagram here.

Smart Krissada Pornweroj

Smart Krissada Pornweroj is a well known actor in Thailand who is also an architect. He has a long list of lakorns under his belt where he stars as pra’ek. It appears he isn’t accepting as many lakorns now because of his busy life as an architect! His instagram can be found here.

Pat Piraya Singha and Kat Sonya Singha

If you couldn’t tell from the names, Pat and Kat are both sisters and used to be in a singing duo together under Kamikaze. Although Pat is no longer in the entertainment industry, Kat is still acting but not as much as I’d like! Kat is far too busy with her family business, so she really chooses her projects carefully. Kat’s latest project was Prik Gub Klur where she starred alongside Thanwa. You may be familiar with some of Kat’s work in Rahut Prissana, Luk Tan Loy Kaew, Dok Yah Nai Payu, or Prik Gub Klur.
Both Pat and Kat own the clothing brand ‘Jetset.’ Two years after the launch of ‘Jetset,’ Pat launched her own clothing brand called ‘Kimber.’
As for Kat, in addition to being an actress, she is also helping to run her family’s business which is overseeing the Tree Square Plaza Commnity Mall. Kat is also one of the restaurant called Odtomoato.
Pat’s instagram
Kat’s instagram
There also articles on Prestige Online written about the two:
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Pok Patsarakorn Chirathivat

Pok Patsarakorn Chirathivat is both an actor and rapper. He is married with actress, Margie Balenciaga. Pok is from the extremely wealthy ‘Chirathivat family’ in Thailand. His family is ranked third on Forbes’ list of Thailand’s fifty richest. Their family owns Central Group, which includes more than 60 department stores and shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants. Pok is the director of Post International Media Group, and his father is the chairman of Central Plaza Hotel PLC.
His instagram can be found here.
Forbes’ article on the Chirathivat family.

Peach Pachara Chirathivat

Peach Pachara Chirathivat is an actor who is also part of the wealthy Chirathivat family, he is Pok’s nephew.. Peach owns Potato Corner eatery and is also the founder and GM of Viveka & Vehement Recording and Live Music Production. You might know him as Patricia Good’s ex-boyfriend as well.
You can find his instagram here.

Pear Pimpisa Chirathivat

Pear is also a member of the Chirathivat family and is Peach’s sister. It appears that she’s only starred in one lakorn, which is ‘Rak Rae’ which aired in 2015. Now, Pear is the Corporate designer of Design and Technical Services of Centara Hotels & Resorts, which is owned by Central Group.
Pear’s linkedin.
Pear’s Prestige article.

Mile Phakphum Romsaithong

Mile Phakphum Romsaithong is a rising star who played one of the lead roles in popular BL drama ‘KinnPorsche.’ Mile comes from a wealthy family from Kalasin, Thailand. His family owns several businesses, which include Kalasin Plaza, Romsaithong Hotel, and TN Motor Kalasin, and owns shares in the hospitals as well. Mile is also on the board of directors for the production company, Be On Cloud, which helped to produce ‘KinnPorsche’
Follow Mile on instagram here.

Jinny Aimsiga Chotivichit

Jinny Aimsiga Chotivichit is a former girl group member from Chilli White Choc under Kamikaze. Currently, Jinny owns a swimwear brand, an aesthetic clinic called Glowing Aesthetic Clinic (interesting to note, Chippy recently got her lips done here! Chippy posted about it here), and takes care of her family business which includes real estate.
Another interesting fact is that Jinny was in a special project group under Kamikaze called Seven Days 2. This group included popular actress Bow Maylada (Bow was a girl group member from the group Kiss Me Five, which originally included actress Kitty from Girl From Nowhere), Noey from the duo Neko Jump, and Mod from Four Mod). Here is a link to the MV if you are curious: Seven Days 2 – Angry Boo.
Jinny is also a close friend of actresses Camilla Kittivat and Nicole Kittivat (they recently went on a trip to Seoul, Korea together). You can follow Jinny’s life on instagram or youtube.

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