Comedy Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Mystery Romance Supernatural

Mue Prab Gook Gook Goo (2015) / Crazy Shaman

GMMOne (Raw)

Song is brought from Nakonpratom to Bangkok by his brother Neung, so he can receive his inheritance. Song is currently running away from debt so he decides to leave. He brings along his best friend Ord. When they get to Bangkok, Neung tells Song about their family secret, that they have the ability to see ghosts and spirits. It has been passed down from generation to generation in their family. Hearing this, Song doesn’t believe it. Neung then shows Song by revealing that he’s a ghost. Neung begged Song to continue the family’s occupation as a Shaman, so he can help people in need and to guide the lost souls/ghosts/spirits in the right direction. Ping, a police officer and friend of Song whom he used to have a crush on when they were younger is dating Neung. Upon hearing that Song was back, Ping goes to visit and hurriedly asks about Neung. Song tells her that Neung was dead but she doesn’t believe him, because they haven’t found his body. Song tries to explain that it was true by telling her that he was able to see Neung’s spirit. But no matter what, Ping doesn’t believe him and says he’s insane. Over time, Song realizes that there’s a secret behind the death of his brother and he tries to find out the truth. (Source: MDL)

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