Drama Historical Lakorn/Incompleted Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance Supernatural

Sanae Nang Kruan (2018) /

Channel 8

2450 B.E., the reign of King Chulalongkorn … Tai Chai Chang (Captain-Phuthanet Hongmanop) brought the crew to trade in Thailand Feng, who joined the journey to predict the horoscope. If living and eating in the kingdom of Thailand will prosper. But if one day there is a partner and think of unfaithful life, it will be a disaster. And then a big storm caused the junk ship to wreck the Pyongchang only to survive as a talented Khun Thanong (Mek-Winai Kraibut), a civil servant of Lam Phra Phai. Therefore inviting the captain to work and live at home, therefore meets Rae (Bowling – Prakan Cambodia), the daughter of Khun Thanong Khao. (Source: thairath.co.th)

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