Chinese Drama Comedy Fantasy Romance Subber - neko^^ Meow Meow Wuxia

Ru Hua Ru Tu (2022) /  如花如荼

Neko Meow Meow

Ru Hua Ru Tu 如花如荼 starring 李璐璐 Li Lulu and 林泽辉IRON Lin ZheHui is a story about heroine Hua Ling, who accidentally entered the world of novel. Knowing all the plot of the novel, she needs to find ways to prevent Demon King FuTu from destroying the world. However things doesn’t goes according to the script which causes all the plot to go wrong. Can Hua Ling, a stubborn girl who refuses to admit defeat, successfully defeat the villain Demon King and save the world while holding the incomplete script? (Source: Neko Meow Meow) Season 1 and 2.

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