Horror Lakorn/Completed Subber - neko^^ Meow Meow Supernatural

Mue Prab Khao Saan Sek (2020) /

Neko Meow Meow

Son is a young detective that was born with a gift to see spirits. He often uses his gift to solve cases. One day, Son uses his gift in the middle of the market and is sent to a psychiatrist. The moment he meets Rung Kiang Jan, they immediately dislike one another. Son is able to pass all mental evaluations, but because of her own prejudice, Rung Kiang Jan reports that he is not ready for a mental evaluation.

Son, is suspended for 7 days because of Rung Kiang Jan’s report. Son’s father Police Lieutenant General Seangchan finds out that his son is having issues with his boss and sends him to a new Captain. Captain Natee, is Son’s new boss.

Captain Natee’s team is built with members that all have their own quirks and gifts.Rung goes to surprise her boyfriend, second lead actor Chanon. She is surprised to find him with strange men that are in the business of stealing and selling antiques. Chanon shoots Rung, causing her to fall in the water. Son is able to save Rung. Rung wakes up and finds that no one in her family can see her. The only person able to see her is Son. She follows Son home and finds that he lives with a child spirit named Baby Gaga. Baby Gaga is able to help Rung adjust to her life as a spirit. Son takes Rung to visit a Monk that helped raise him. The monk tells her that she is not dead yet, but when her bad karma is repaid, she will be able to return to her body.

Rung and Son co-habitat and begin to fall in love, but when Son is about to confess to Rung, she suddenly disappears. Rung wakes up in her body and has forgotten everything. She goes back to dating Chanon. Everything is revealed when Rung asks Son to save her from spirits. Rung was pretending to lose her memory so she could capture Chanon for his crimes. Things do not end there as Rung’s brother introduces her to Treepob, the boss that Chanon works under. Rung agrees to date Treepob in order to get close to him and help Son solve his case. However, things go wrong and Rung is in trouble. How will Son deal with Treepob and his gang? (Souce: LakornGalaxy)

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