Bpai Hai Teung Duang Dao (2020)

Charam and Hamesuda are couple who seem to be perfect. People are envy about their relationship but actually they are having so many issues. Hamesuda, tired of her husband promiscuous, decides to have fun with any guy. Paaithong work as an architect must take care of the big project of Charam. He has a crush on her as soon as he saw her, tries to hit on, even knows that she’s being in a relationship with Theewin. Theewin is so jealous and started to make an assumption that leads to many misunderstandings. (Source: thaidramatic updates)

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1 year ago

Theres a huge of fans abroad here waiting to see this hoping admin for the effort of English sub for this thank you in advance bless you always 🙏🥰🇵🇭