Luerd Ruk Toranong (2016) / The Blood Of Love And Pride

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Kratin was born and abandoned by her Mom Putkrong, in the care of her aunt. Ram on the other hand, was raised up to be a gentleman (by his nanny Nim), lived in a wealthy family. Ram’s father remarried, his new wife Putkrong, bring along her daughter to live in the family. After Kratin’s dad pass away, Putkrong had no choice but to take in Kratin. Putkrong then mistreated Kratin badly like not one of her own to which leads Ram’s nanny feeling bad for Kratin, for she believes that it only the behavior that determines if you’re a good or bad person. With the mistreat, Ram’s feels sorry for Kratin as well and soon they both begin to fall in love not knowing. (Source: Lakorn Galaxy)

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