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Lilawadee Plerng (2015) / The Secret Truth

Chormuang and Alwaysmeena

Lilin, a charming singer, had to clear his father’s name after he was accused of killing his ex-lover, Supisara. lilin returned to her hometown and met with Supisara’s son, Tiwat. Suparom, who is both Tiwat’s aunt and stepmother, did not want him to remember the turn of events that led up to his mother’s death. She did everything she could to keep Lilin away from him. But the more she tried to keep them apart, the closer the two become. (Source: Bugaboo Inter)

Chormuang: EP01 ~ EP02 ~ EP03 ~ EP04 ~
EP05 to end


  1. Khamira says:

    Thank you so much for this lakorn. I wanted to ask, if the episodes 5 till the end will still have to be uploaded, or if something is wrong with the link.I don´t have any problems with episodes 1-4, but the last link is “http://close%20down%20all%20casinos.” which is not a proper link.

    1. Admin says:

      Fixed. Please, try again.

  2. Patti says:

    Hi and thanks so much for subbing this lakorn. I am on the first episode and it looks like a promising mystery and romance. I’m wondering though. I saw online that it was 17 episodes but here it is only 5 episodes. Are the rest of the episodes subbed elsewhere? Thanks.

    1. Sornsuer says:

      It was list as ep 5 to end. Click on it and it will route you to the right place to watch.

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