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Samee Chua Keun (2022) / Overnight Husband

Rainbow Subs

Chonpansa got pregnant with her son, Luk Prun, after a one night stand with an unknown man who she later suspected to be Chayut, the half-brother of Kasak. With that suspicion, Chonpansa goes out of her way to treat Chayut well, causing a misunderstanding for Kasak and making him think she’s trying to get with his brother in order to promote her position. In trying to save his brother, Kasak took actions and announce his fake romantic relationship with Chonpansa, making her and Luk Prun move in with him. (Source: Rainbow Subs)


  1. Angelfan says:

    I am a due heart fan of your rainbow subs for this drama and eagerly wait to see it whenever you post it . I sincerely wants to ask you about the password for samee chua keun . Would be very thankful if you let me know . I know you must be worried about the stealing but could give me hunts atleast plzzx.

  2. Mabel Galapin says:

    Hello admin I’m sorry if I could wait to watch samee Chua keun before you release it in a page.. I know you very strict because you don’t want your hardwork will be wasted coz I know it so hard to sub it into English subtitles.. I promise l will not destroy work I just want to enjoy watching Thai lakorn..
    Thank you so much if you share some password to me..

    1. Plase, read the message on Rainbow Subs blog.

      1. Emelyine Niyokwizera says:

        The password isn’t there

        1. Sornsuer says:

          The pw is only available in her group, you need to send in your requested there.

          1. I’ve requested to join the group since two days after it started but I have not been accepted yet…. so saddddd

          2. Sornsuer says:

            They must have lots of requested, as long as you follow her rules, you will just have to wait.

      2. Mabel Galapin says:

        Thank you so much????

  3. i am not forcing you to update early, but can you please tell me when will the subbed episodes be out? I have become really impatient bc of the last episode which ended with a cliffhanger and i want to know so badly what will happen in this drama.????????

    1. No.

  4. teresa lume says:

    well, I always see in the lakorns on the websites of subbers, but now this lakorn needs a password. I’ve search fot it at faladas creations/rainbowsubs but there is no answer in it… So how can we look for the password? Ty

    1. Check the Facebook page of Rainbow Subs

  5. hi! I love this Thai drama

  6. First of all thank you for your hard work subbering in English,I have enjoyed very much samee chua kern. I cannot find the
    password to finish this series . Please advise where to go. Again thank you

    1. Please, check the announcement on the Subber’s Facebook

      1. mawebre says:

        Unfortunately, I do not do facebook, however I have been a long time fan and supporter of Lakorns and their subbers. I don’t know how to request to join her group, I guess I will just wait until it is not so popular and it is not in danger of being stollen to watch.

        1. Sornsuer says:

          You don’t have to join FB now, Rainbow release the eps at their blog. Enjoy.

  7. thank you for allowing us to watch a wonderful series. I’m all set to watch the remaining episodes please keep updated with any new password for the remaining esp. again thank you.

  8. shannon says:

    i can’t seem to be able to get onto facebook and go to faladaxreation page at all so how can i request a password for episode 11 & 12 and the upcoming ones if i cant use the facebook site please let me know thanks

    1. Sornsuer says:

      You have to join her group in order to watch.

      1. Shannon says:

        How do I do that

      2. shannon says:

        how do I do that when i can’t even access her facebook
        please let me know

        1. Sornsuer says:

          In our FB group, there was a link. You can also bookmarked her blog, and send her comment there. Here is her blog https://faladascreations.com/

  9. teresa lume says:

    well, I normally support subbers but I think this one doesn’t want that we see their lakorns, because I’ve already asked Rainbow Subs at facebook (I’ve already had join them in there) for the password but they never responded to my subscrition or my messages…

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Dear Teresa, there are over 500 requested per day to access her group page, none of the members have time to go thru all the requested per day. Everyone have their own life to attend to. None of us know who you are so it was not intentional to ignore you. If you can’t wait then find something else to watch. We are not making an exception to grant any special request, so if you want to wait then wait, if not don’t join. As long as you are not in any of the troll reupload group, then eventually the admins will get to your profile, review and make their decision.

  10. Love says:

    I love this drama how can I open thanks the person who sub this god bless

  11. LaPrisee’ says:

    I guess she didn’t like my facebook I put in a request 2 different times weeks ago on her facebook. I guess I will have to start a new drama to watch after a hard day at the hospital. Thank you for being a great resource for these lakorn’s me an a couple of coworker like to watch them and talk about it. Thank you again

    1. Sornsuer says:

      As long as you are not in the troll group that reupload on FB, and answer the questions, eventually the Admins team will review. Each day, there are thousand of members requested, and only a handful of Admins are available to check for a short period of time since everyone is busy with life. So yes, please watch something else for now. 🙂

  12. cindy says:

    thank you for all you do! I am enjoying the Lakorn and am thankful you spend your time helping others out by subbing! I pray your father gets better very soon! thanks so much!!!

  13. Nice says:

    Pls have the english sub title of episode 14 onwards

    1. Sornsuer says:

      All eps are already subs. Have you check?

      1. Nice says:

        I have checked dramacool news, myasian tv , kiss asian, still there is no english subtitle

        1. Sornsuer says:

          Why would you be checking those upload site? Everyone know they don’t sub. We already provide the link here to the subber page. If you would have check there, you would know the sub was already completed.

          1. Nice says:

            Ok. I will try soon.

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