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So Wayree (2020)


Praamita is sold by her best friend to Parin, and becomes pregnant with his child. She escapes overseas for school but realizes she is pregnant and gives births to twins. When she returns, she realizes that the father of her children is trying to destroy her father’s business. A game of revenge begins, and eventually leads the two to another night together, and another pregnancy. Paramita decides to forgive Parin and forget the past. Now, their biggest challenge is to go against their family. The family that refuses to let them be together. (Source: Lakorngalaxy.com)


  1. Naw henrysay says:

    I love sowayree drama lot…thank you

  2. Nelssa says:

    Nice story n I like watching this drama

  3. Camelle Saphire R. LUZON says:

    i ovw thia series!

  4. so wayree the best lakorn thank you team for translate this lakorn????????

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Please go thanks Neko for subbing the lakorn, on her blog.

  5. Thinzar says:

    Is Very Good Moive

  6. Too gud to watch

  7. Miles Walter says:

    How to watch it

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Click on the image or the subber below the image, it will direct you to the right site to watch.

  8. suanbawi says:

    I like this film

  9. HELP! I started watching So Wayree yesterdaay, got to ep. 4 and now I get “502 Bad Gateway”. Is something wrong with Neko’s website?

    1. Sornsuer says:

      There are nothing wrong with her site. It just too much traffic as everyone is trying to watch the final episode. Clear your browser and try again later.

  10. Jholove says:

    I love this drama the story nice but more i love is the two lead mookda and kem this man is so cute the woman i like her karacter stronger but this man make me smile every time he smile he is cute my god how can you not full in love this man if star smile he mealthing your heart beat????.

  11. Nice drama

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