Drama Friendship Genre Trope - Friends to Lovers Lakorn/Completed Romance

Gern Hamjai Mai Hai Rak (2020) / In Time With You

WeTV or Artop Media Hit


Confidence, beauty and fashion are the labels of Pimchanok and her straightforwardness and kindness make her special from others. Despite passing years, she is still proud of attracting men’s attention. This pride comes not only from her heart, but also from her successful career as a manager of Shoe Section in a department store. But this pride also makes her single and lonely for she thinks men are foolish until she turns 30. She made a deal with Thanapon who is a ground supervisor in an airline company that whoever can get married before 35 will give 100 thousand to the other. They all dated different people but still cannot find the right one. Actually, Thanapon had been having crush on Pimchanok since childhood, but he doesn’t dare to tell her. Will he remain the friendship with no future or break the barrier and pursue her? (Source: WeTV)

EP01 ~ EP02 ~ EP03 ~ EP04 ~ EP05 ~ EP06 ~ EP07 ~ EP08 ~ EP09 ~ EP10 ~ EP11 ~ EP12 ~ EP13 ~ EP14 ~ EP15 ~ EP16 ~ EP17 ~ EP18 ~ EP19 ~ EP20 ~ EP21 ~ EP22 ~ EP23 ~ EP24end.


  1. Jholove says:

    Where i can find this thai drama please can someone give me link.

    1. Admin says:

      REALLY???? You scrolled down just to ask but didn’t pay attention? PLEASE, CHECK AGAIN, THE EPS ARE RIGHT THERE.

  2. Thank you so much for all episodes T_T

  3. Nuno Pereira says:

    Ty for the subs, love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  4. Rrrr says:

    Loved it

  5. At the moment I cannot find the last 4 episodes anywhere. There is no link in the image or under it. Where they removed? I am pretty sure they were available about 5 months ago before the blog was down for maintenance.

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Maybe this weekend when I have time, I will re-add. Thanks

  6. Thanks for all your work. I enjoy and appreciate what you do and ha watched a number of lakorns here. However, I tried watching this one using FF and Google but can’t because there is no link. Cheers!

    1. Sornsuer says:

      It was not available on FF or google. Not sure what your question is.

  7. @Sornsuer
    Sorry, my mistake, I was not clear. Sometimes, a video doesn’t load because of the search engine. In this case, I tried using both Firefox and Google Chrome with no success. Is this lakorn available somewhere with subs? Thanks!

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Best to use Chrome. Clear your browser history. We removed the video, only ep 21-24 is up. Are you looking for ep 1?

  8. Thanks! I now see that there are only links to episodes 21 to 24. Is it possible to have links to all the episodes? I am afraid I am making an unreasonable request, so please disregard it if it means getting out of your way. I am grateful for your work and do not wish to add to your load. Cheers!

    1. Sornsuer says:

      We will add it back by Friday. 🙂

  9. So kind! Didn’t expect it. So a big THANK YOU!!!

  10. I shall greatly enjoy the fruits of YOUR labour. THANK YOU so much, Sornsuer!

  11. Manie says:

    There is a problem in Episode 21 , I cannot see the video

    1. Sornsuer says:

      We are replacing it with better video/sub. This is now up to ep 16, so wait for at least few more weeks. Only 1 ep per week.

    2. Sornsuer says:

      Manie, ep21 is up now. Happy watching.

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