Comedy Drama Family Friendship Lakorn/Completed Romance

Duck Idol The Series (2016)


Tells the school life of a group of teenagers with social life problems on the web, where being popular has become the main goal of these young women who do not hesitate to do whatever it takes to become an idol on the Internet. This story is fictional but reflects the reality of today’s youth.

Everything revolves around Sangdad, a student who tries to fit into the NETIDOL environment of her school. She is in love with Bas, a cool popular student. Her best friend is called Pim who with a little luck is part of the club of the cheerleaders led by the egocentric Dream & Fay, which seems that her club is not the only thing they lead. Sangdad to see the attitude of superiority of the girls decides to take revenge in secret by creating a Facebook page called # เป็ด idol where he will begin to question the attitude of young people who believe they are a star. (MyDramaList)

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