Drama Family Lakorn/Completed Romance Transliterator - Jasmin Lakorn

Hua Jai Song Park (2009) / Two Divided Hearts

Sub by Wishboniko

Tawanchai came back from Australia after she heard that Rarn, her father was dead in a car accident. At the airport, she met Don by accident. Don is a player. He had a crush on her and volunteered to take her home and she accepted it.
When she arrived her home, she found that her father was not dead and he was playing card with his friends. She was introduced to knowher father’s friends, Chuck and Araya (Don’s father). They are rich businessman. Tawanchai has prejudice against Chuck because of his coldness. Later, when Chuck knew that Don, his best friend fell in love with Tawanchai, he tried to warn his friend that her father was indebted and had financial problems and he feared that her father would try to sell his daughter to someone. But Don didn’t believe him.
When Rarn knew that his daughter was close to Don, he wanted to stop their relationship because he knew that Don was a player. So, he told Araya to keep his son away from his daughter. Don was indebted because of gambling, so Araya told him that he would help to pay for the debt for him but he must get out of the country for a while and Don accepted it. Later, Rarn was indebted with Araya and Araya tried to press Rarn to pay him. Rarn didn’t have money to pay, so araya offered to exchange his daughter to Araya for Rarn’s debt.
When Chuck knew it, he wanted to help keeping Tawanchai for his friend, so he offered Rarn that he would pay for the debt instead of him, but he must give him his daughter.

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