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Favourite Lakorn OSTs

When words FAIL, music SPEAKS


I present to you some of my favourite soundtracks in no particular order, with good reasons of course.

1. Ruk Mai Tong Karn Wela by Klear – Sao Chai Hi-Tech.

This OST holds a special place in my heart because SCHT was my first ever lakorn I watched.


2. Don’t Say That I Love You by Dome Pakorn and Metal Sukkhao – Sanaeha Sunya Kaen

It’s one of the good things about SSK, that and the secondary couple, really!! SSK had a solid plot, but all of that got thwarted by the execution.


3. Route to Heart by Bua Chompoo Ford – Sapai Jao (Royal Daughter-in-Law)

I actually like all the OSTs for SJ, you really need to check out the rest. There are 3 soundtracks including the soundtrack below.

4. Who Would Know by Tata Young – Sai See Plerng

This song is from Sai’s (Nang’ek) perspective. The song paints a vivid picture of what the FL really wanted despite her vengeful exterior. The Nang’ek was played by Chompoo Araya, she was a Nang-rai-ish Nang’ek, and did a good job.

5. Heart’s Decree by Ebola – Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series #3 – Krating

Heart’s Decree is the opening theme for MLM series, and for each part, a different artist sings the opening theme. My favourite of all version is the version by Ebola. Well, it’s not because I’m biased towards Ken and Cherry (drops hint), who plays the lead characters.

For more OSTs, you can check out our playlist on Spotify.

Do share some of your favourite OSTs in the comment section below!

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  1. ETC. – Who hurts more from Trabab see chompoo

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