Drama Fantasy Lakorn/Completed Romance Transliterator - Always Grumpy Cat

Game Rak Salab Midti (2021) / Switch On

Viki or WeTV or YoYo

Chris, Akin’s father was killed. After this sad incident, Akin pays high attention to find out the murderer and thus becomes the hero of anti-unfairness in the game world. Nisa is a surgeon who is in search of her father. She accidentally broke into another paralled world and save Akin’s life. When she returns to the real world, she realizes that such an experience is in the world of a game named Better world, which is developed by her father. From that moment, Nisa became the key person who could deliver the information of the real world to Akin. Nisa believes that Akin is a real person in the real world. She always appears when Akin is in danger. Having no choice, Nisa told Akin the truth that Akin is just a character of the game. At these words, Akin cannot act as before. (Source: WeTV)

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