Club Friday Lakorn/Completed Romance Transliterator - Always Grumpy Cat

Club Friday The Series Love Seasons Celebration: Unhappy Birthday


Club Friday Love Seasons: Unhappy Birthday ~ It Happens on Valentine’s Day ~ Broken Anniversary ~ The Last Happy New Year

This is the story of Meen, an office worker who is having trouble with her love life. Meen and Kuea have been friends since college. Chad, Meen’s boyfriend, is an irresponsible party animal. Meen often relies on Kuea for advice. One day, Meen breaks up with Chad and start dating Kuea. She finds out that Kuea is a good friend who have crush on her for a long time. In the beginning, their relationship goes smoothly since Kuea is the total opposite of Chad. On Meen’s birthday every year, Kuea would throw a huge surprise to make Meen the happiest girl on earth. He spoils her with everything she asks for. However, after being together for a while, a freedom lover like Meen and an upright person like Kuea start to reach a disagreement. Other people start to come into play. Which man should Meen choose between Kuea, an extreme perfectionist, or Chad, a fun but horrible boyfriend? (Source: Viu)

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