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Ban Saran Land: Seuk Rak Kam Rua [2018]

Ban Saran Land is a series of sitcoms about people living in the same neighbourhood.
Seuk Rak Kam Rua is about June and Navee. They dated in college but broke up because he didn’t care about the future. Her mom hated him and thought he was gonna end up unsucessful. June gets married to someone else and they have a kid, but their marriage falls apart because of debt and she can’t get into contact with her ex husband — he doesn’t even wanna see their kid. She moves into a new house and Navee happens to be her neighbour. Now he’s the owner of a small animation company while she’s a single mom with a lot of debt. Will the flame of love re-emerge despite their constant bickering?

Credit – MyDramaList

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