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Antoine Pinto “Casanova” Boxer and his ladies.

Antoine Pinto isn’t exactly part of the entertainment industry. However, he became a recognized figure because of his former relationship with beautiful leading actress, Chippy Sirin. Antoine Pinto a French boxer gained recognition recently after his public breakup with Chippy Sirin.

Most recently the very single and flirtatious Antoine is suspected to be courting Baifern Pimchanok. Netizens and their good eye spy the comments from Antoine teasing Baifern. However, Antoine denies anything is going on and he is just acting like another crazy fan. It has become a topic because most fans believe that his actions clearly indicate a man courting a woman.

Prior to this, and hot off his breakup with Chippy. There were two Pageant Queens that were entangled in rumors with Antoine. Nicolene Pichapa (Miss Thailand World 2018, Miss World Runner-Up 2018, Continental Queen of Asia) and Namtarn Chalita (Miss Universe Thailand 2016) were rumored to be the women that acted as a third hand in Antoine’s and Chippy’s doomed relationship. Although, all three have came out to rampantly denied the claims.

It has only been a short time, but he has constantly garnered rumors with other women in the industry. It seems that the title of Casanova must be furnished to this handsome boxer. Who will be Antoine’s real woman after his breakup with Chippy? Or, who will join the countless of other women who have rumors with Antoine? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Gossipstar
Translated by: Leelawadee
*Note, translation not 100% literal as some parts had to be tweaked to make sense.

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