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Andrew Gregson and Stress.

He’s a leading actor with a very high personal barrier. We rarely see Andrew Gregson accept any events. Fans began to miss him and wonder where he has disappeared to. However, he hasn’t disappeared. Recently, Andrew went to the news conference for the series Voice: Feeling Death. We were able to talk to Andrew and help relieve fans from missing him too much.

There is still some lakorn work. Right now, Voice: Feeling Death is preparing to air on November 4th. He also revealed that recently he has had some stressful times. This can possibly be attributed to how much the role in Voice consumes his life on top of his personal life issues. This has begun to affect his mentality and emotion. However, it has not reached the status of depression yet. So, he has not sought medical help. He touts going to see his friends and talking to co-workers on set (especially funny ones) helps him quite a bit.

Ok fans, now you can stop worrying. As for his heart… Andrew has stated that he is still single. Even though his family really wants to hold a baby now!

Source: Gossipstar
Translated by Leelawadee

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