Yodrak Nakrob (2019)


The story is about an Isan singer named Yodrak who ends up taking the place of a marine officer that vanished due to the two looking very similar to one another like as if they were twins. Because of the personality and skills that are different, people starts to suspect him especially his fiance’ who happens to be a doctor for the navy as well. (Source: OhSweetHaven)

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nurul syazwani
nurul syazwani
1 year ago

only episode 1?

Merylu Flores
Merylu Flores
4 months ago

The link does not work. I click on the link but it says that there is an error and the page does not work/exist
I think you should replace the link with this one:

Yodrak Nakrob

This seems to work.

Last edited 4 months ago by Merylu Flores