Chinese Drama Comedy Genre Trope - Marriage Historical Romance

Wrong Carriage Right Groom (2023)


There are two marriages that people talk about in Yangzhou City, one It is Du Bingyan, a daughter of the Du family in the north of the city, who is going to marry into the Qi Mansion, the richest man in Linzhou, and Li Yuhu, the daughter of a martial artist in the east of the city, is going to marry a general who is the favorite of Zhenglong.

The two families not only married their daughters on the same day, but also bought the same wedding dress and the same sedan chair for them. But there is another hidden story behind this overwhelming wealth and honor and favor.

The third son of Qi is seriously ill, and he will die soon. General Yuan Buqu killed people for his career, destroyed cities for meritorious service, and even killed two wives. The two ladies were weeping secretly for their own hard lives.

On the day of the wedding, two teams of seeing off their relatives went out of the city at the same time. On the way, there was a sudden heavy rain, and the two groups rushed to the same fairy temple to take shelter from the rain. The two brides cherished each other and sworn sisters because of the same hardships in the temple. Suddenly the news of the bandit’s attack came, and in the panic, the bride got into the wrong sedan chair.

The chivalrous woman entered the house, and she and the three young masters overthrew the plot while laughing and cursing; As a result, two strange and criss-cross love stories have been drawn out by accidents, which have fulfilled the happy life of two loving couples with deep affection. (Source: Youku)

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