Drama Lakorn/Completed Thriller

Tur Keu Chan Eek Kon / Who Are You (2020)


Mild, an orphan girl, have to endure the bullying of classmate friends at school all along. Finally, she decides to end her life to escape from the pain, but miraculously survived. Resurrected with the loss of all memory and found that she is now “Mean (Meanara)”, a woman who looks like her, a student at Panyasorn school. But having almost everything different from the same person living as “Mean” , allowing her to meet “Natee”, a young swimming athlete who is a close friend of “Mean” and “Gun”, a mischievous handsome boy at the school, who came to help her find the lost memories. But the truth causes her to have more pain than she has ever experienced when she discovered her true self … (source: LakornGalaxy). ** Notes: This is Korean remake.

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