Chinese Drama Fantasy Historical Romance

When Is The Son Off Season 2 (2023) / 公子何时休2

Fresh Drama

Yu Xinhuan, a programmer who’s deeply hurt by love, was invited to become an internal test player for developing games. Her task was to find loopholes in the game. At this time, Yu Xinhuan had fought with another player, Gongzi Yu, for a stage of wisdom and courage, but failed repeatedly. Yu Xinhuan wrote down a series of game logic. Although Yu Xinhuan was married to Gongzi Yu, her task was to escape from him and search for loopholes in the game while traveling around the world. In order to escape and complete the game task, the couple fought wits and courage every day. Xin Huan was gradually moved by the gentleness and patience of Gongzi Yu. She gradually understood the true meaning of this game. It turned out that the original purpose of this game was to make people believe in love again. Even if she found the loophole in the game, she also fell in love… (Source: Fresh Drama)

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