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What’s new in my C-Drama world…

Hello everybody, it’s been a while that I don’t pass around here and write something,

Well, now I want to share with you what’s been lately on my screen 😀

These are the shows I’m currently watching.

Nine Kilometers of Love

After watching Riley in I hear you, I decided to give it a try with this new show. It’s currently airing, so if you wanna start watching this also, you will have to be very patient. 4 new episodes will be available every weekend.

So far its a bearable rom-com, and it’s short so I don’t expect this will very stressful… I don’t like very much angsty stories 😛


Nine Kilometers of Love is a 24 episodes series, which focuses on the story of six people in their early twenties and their journey in the aviation industry. Lin Shu comes from an aviation family. His father influenced him to become a professional pilot at a really young age. (Source WeTV)


You can find this series at Tencent/We TV official You Tube channel.


The King’s Avatar

Yang Yang is definitely one of main points I decided to watch this drama.

As I wrote in my previous post, this show aired in the C-Drama Gaming Season, so after Gank Your Heart and Go Go Squid, this is my 3rd game story in a row.

Sadly, it seems I cannot pass longer than episode 26 so far. But… don’t get me wrong!! The drama is indeed very good, I think it’s pretty well done and although the story is lacking romance, I don’t think it’s necessary at all.

It’s just that I reached that angsty part and I think I’m not prepared yet to watch it… lol…


Ye Xiu, a top player in the online game named Glory, was expelled by the game club for various reasons. After leaving the club, he was taken in by Chen Guo, the owner of Xingxin Internet Cafe, and became a network manager on night shift. Ye Xiu, who had ten years of experience in games, did not intend to give up his beloved “Glory”. So Ye Xiu restarted his ID account “Jun Mo Xiao”, held an unfinished self-made weapon named a thousand machine umbrella, and re-entered the game in the newly opened 10th district of Glory to achieve his plan to return to the top. Jun Mo Xiao showed extraordinary talents in the 10th District and Ye Xiu met many new friends during the process of open up the 10th District with whom he formed a strong team and embarked on a glorious journey for their dream. (Source WeTV)


Where to watch? You can watch it on Netflix (sadly my country doesn’t have it) or go directly to We TV.


My Girlfriend is an Alien

I don’t know why this drama gives me the vibes of My Love From Another Star… Lol… nothing to do at all, but it gives me the vibes.

Actually, I decided to watch this because of Bie. I watched him in Cinderella Chef, and, although I got sick of the story at some point, I think he did a pretty decent job.

And guess what? I don’t regret it at all. Since episode 1, Bie is such an eye candy 😛

A typical rom-com that it is worth to watch 😀


The alien girl Chai Xiaoqi tells the story of Fang Xiaoqi, the overbearing president of the alien girl who died from the “Cape Town Planet”, who was suffering from the “rainy weather heterosexual amnesia”. A high-energy hilarious and romantic cross-star love story. The female host Chai Xiaoqi is not only an alien, but also a true-handed witch. Once she inhales the hormones emitted by the males in the earth, she will fall into the “flowery state” and suffer from various diseases. The fun and ridiculously ridiculous romance will restore the singularity of the girl in the perfection of the girl. In order to survive on the human earth, Chai Xiaoqi will use his various super powers to solve one accident after another, like a roller coaster. The ups and downs will make the audience hooked. The male lord is cold and is an alternative overbearing president. When it rains, he will forget the opposite sex that appears around him. For this reason, he and the female host will launch various “fighting and fighting” laughter dramas. The experience of high sweetness and romance is expected to be Strongly slammed the girl’s heart when it was broadcast. (Source WeTV)


You can watch the series at Tencent/WeTV You Tube channels.


So far, these are the C-Dramas I’m currently watching and I already have several more on my pending list.

And you? What are you watching?

Written by JJ for Lakorn Galaxy

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Choy FH
Choy FH
3 years ago

Hi. For me, after Go Go Squid, i cant move on yet haha, still with Li Xian keke. Now i just trying to start on My Mowgli boy , still waiting for it to have more eps before i marathon watching . I dont like to left hanging for the next eps. So for now i going on with my thai lakorn , just finish Nee Rak Nai Krong Fai and Kaew Klang Dong and starting Huajai Look Phuchai.

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