Drama Forbidden Love Genre Trope - Marriage Lakorn/Completed Romance Subber - Oh Sweet Haven

Wayla Kammathep (2022) / The Love Proposal; Cupid’s Time


Treenuch got to know Time because of the accident that happened to Treenuch’s student. This made Time to be impressed with her and came to see her more often. However, Time was afraid to tell Treenuch that he loved her because he still couldn’t forget his former love with Marisa. Treenuch decided to get married with Touch, an LGBTQ brother of Time, instead. Touch urgently needed to get married and had children due to his grandfather, Pattana. It was the only way for Touch to keep his position as president of “Methee Group”. Time met Treenuch again as a bride-to-be of Touch. He was in agony but needed to kept Touch’s secret away from Orachun, Orachun could expose Touch and take his position. Chane, Touch’s ex-boyfriend, got involved with this because he was aiming for reputation and Touch’s money. This chaos started to get Touch and Treenuch to be in danger.. (Source: OhSweetHaven)

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