Comedy Drama Lakorn/Completed Romance Series

U-Prince The Series 4th: The Badass Baker (2016)


U-Prince Series: Handsome Cowboy ~ Gentle Vet ~ Lovely Geologist ~ Badass Baker ~ Absolute Economist ~ Foxy Pilot ~ Playful Comm-Arts ~ Extroverted Humanist ~ Single Lawyer ~ Crazy Artist ~ Badly Politics ~ Ambitious Boss

Dash (Victor), a student at the Faculty of Culinary Arts, who is a very talented cook. His friend T-Rex (Kacha) helps him to find a new apartment, but what he doesn’t tell him is that he would share it with Renee (Piglet), a free-spirited and lazy girl who studies at the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Dramatic Arts. At first, they don’t get along at all, but as they spend more and more time together as roommates, they slowly start falling for each other. (source:

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