Tukta (2021)

Channel 7 (Raw)

Suwaparp buys her daughter, Burana, a new doll. However, soon after this, she begins to notice Buarana spending a lot of time with this doll in particular. Something is very weird about this doll, as it looks like a human. Its skin is soft, warm to touch, and it even winks. All that aside, Suwaparp can almost feel something off about the doll. Terrified after instances of the doll speaking and moving without being touched, Suwaparp decides to throw it away. But the doll does not want to leave… and so it comes back. Again and again and again. “I need to go back to my house…” (Source: thaidramatic_update; Edited by Soju at MyDramaList)

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Mohsen khan
Mohsen khan
3 months ago

English subtitles for tukta series please